Saturday, July 4, 2015

An All-American Girl.

Happy 4th of July, Everyone!! Are you up for some BBQ and Fireworks, tonight? Unfortunately I am far from US at the moment (will be back there real soon), but I am in full American spirit today (both Vivian and I). IRL I am currently wearing my American Flag Loafers
Last year for 4th of July I wore a very similar outfit to this one, featuring this same exact navy mini skirt, red patent leather sandals and red+white striped tank top. When it ain't broke why fix it right? Well this top is indeed Magenta+White striped. But my Necklace is Red as are my Boat Shoes. Adding to the Nautical-themed Outfit is my Gorgeous Navy Sun Hat with the Pretty Bow. Expect some more red, white and blue here next week, from Vivian and I. =) Happy 4th of July Weekend Everyone! Be safe out there!

Molly, Natalie, Rachelle, Rhea and Whitney for Create 28 - "An All American Look".