Friday, June 5, 2015

CURRENTLY: June 2015 (Beach Vacation).

I am happy to post today another "Currently" Post, this time for June when we are having our Beach Vacation this month, starting tomorrow, actually. Like last time, I am linking up with Anne, of course. Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

playing: With Vivian, on a daily basis, whether at home, outside, at the park or at the cafes that have children's toys. We also play with her toys, her dolls, her toy lap-top, we dance, we sing, we play with pillows, etc.

going: We are heading to our Summer Vacation tomorrow. We are driving an hour and a half away to be near the gorgeous coast of the Adriatic Sea. So, my posts will be spare in the next 9-10 days.

wearing: I am currently wearing one of my favorite pairs of shorts, my Ikat ones from Old Navy. It is definitely a hot day. I paired them with a Graphic Tee, a Colorful Necklace and some Bangles. 

sipping: A cool glass of Bravo Juice, peach flavored. It is really nice, just sweet enough also.

reading: I am currently reading/finishing up "I am looking for an impotent man". It is a very fun, hilarious Summer read. Next I am about to start "The Secret of the Twin Soul" which also looks like a light read, perfect for the beach. I will probably bring another couple more books since I tend to read a lot and very fast, while at the beach.

Of course no post should go without a picture so here is one of the latest ones of Vivian from June 1st 2015, at her daycare for Children's National Day. They had a little party for the children.