Sunday, April 26, 2015

Watercolor and Stripes in the Navy.

Hello from this lovely, warm Sunday. How is the weather in your parts? Upper 60s, sunny and with a light breeze around here. It's only lunchtime and I have already gotten a lot done such as laundry, folding clothes and putting them in their place, a little bit of Spring organizing, some washing+cleaning, a morning espresso, walk and playtime with Vivian, I made smoothies for breakfast and I am about to make lunch. I feel accomplished and I have the same feeling about the Create 28 Challenge and the Top 10 Challenge from Whitney with Carrie and from Sarah's blogs to be exact. I have used/worn one of my top 10 items for every outfit this month (though I started a few days late) and I have followed all the prompts thus far from the Create 28 Lovely Spring Looks. I am a couple of days behind with the Stripes prompt but fear not - here it is!
Finally, this Striped Dress from the top 10 items got worn a second time this month (though I have worn it a third time already but have yet to blog it). The Navy (or are they Black?!) Stripes over the starchy White Canvas pattern-mix well with the Navy+White Watercolor Blazer which is another item from the top 10. I know I showed you this Blazer just a couple of days ago in a remix post, but I cannot help it. I have already worn this blazer 4 times this month - I truly love it and I am so glad it is part of my closet and part of this remix month. I wore this outfit to work and yes the dress is short but any short dress suddenly looks better and more work-appropriate when worn with dark tights. It was only a couple of hours of teaching and I made sure not to bend down or anything so it worked fine. My young students (they are 2nd and 3rd graders) told me that I looked beautiful that day. The girls in particular, always notice my outfits and I have heard from some of their moms that I dress nice and stylish which of course is a great compliment to receive. I mixed and matched some jewelry and neutral shoes keeping it all in the same monochrome color palette and some bright pink lips and I was all set. What do you think? Does the Blazer look right over the Dress or the two patterns clash?
Dangly Earrings w/ Black Crystal Square Stone & Circle Pearl: White House Black Market (similar gorgeous option, on sale, love these), (similar, great deal, love these), (current option by WHBM, best deal), (simple, classic option, fantastic deal).
Black Rope Bracelet w/ Smoke Stone & 2 small Crystal Stones off the side: White House Black Market (similar, best deal), (similar w/ pave purple fireball, great deal, love this), (gorgeous nautical option, Splurge).

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Happy last Sunday of April, everyone!