Sunday, April 5, 2015

Denim on Denim with a touch of Plaid.

First of all I hope it was a nice, warm, eggs-traordinary Easter for you and your families. Squeezing in a post real late this windy, cold and rainy Sunday Night.
Continuing with the Create 28 Spring Challenge, I bring you today a Denim-on-Denim Look (day 4 of the Challenge). Day 5 is actually your Easter Dress or Easter Outfit. I am actually a Christian but was born an Orthodox Christian so my Easter is next Sunday. Since living in the States, my family and I celebrate both Easter(s) usually. But today was not a church day for me. I just ran some errands in the middle of the cold, real quick. You will get to see that Outfit sometime soon, since it also involves one of the pieces I will be remixing this month for Sarah's Challenge.
So, this is a version of the infamously-called Texas Tuxedo or Canadian Tuxedo: wearing Blue Jeans with a Denim or Chambray Shirt. The way this works is for the two pieces to be in pretty different shades of blue. Though I have seen some women pull of the same or almost-identical blue shades and made it work. They were pin-thin Pinterest-found Models though. Another thing I did here is layer my collars. My Chambray is a Pop-over but I layered a Red/Pink Plaid Button-down Shirt underneath it. I buttoned my Chambray almost entirely because I just wanted a peek of the other Shirt to show from underneath. A tiny bit of pattern-mixing since I belted the Jeans with a Floral Belt and lastly I wore yet another pair of 360 Bobble/Pearl Studs (I am obsessed with this style of earrings). What do you think? Have you ever tried any kind of denim on denim where both pieces where blue denim or blue chambray? What about your version of a Texas Tuxedo?
Long-Sleeve, Medium-Wash, Pullover Chambray w/ one Front Pocket: Joe Fresh (very similar by Merona, best deal), (similar by Docker's w/ tiny white dots, great deal, love this), (tunic option by Loft, love this).
Wide Elastic Belt in a Small Brown Floral Print w/ Cognac Leather Detail: A Local Boutique (New) (option by Lucky brand), (gorgeous option by Old Navy, best deal, love this), (thin, Spring option by Betsey Johnson, great deal, love this).

Here is a sneak peak of my Top 10 items I am remixing this April through the first couple of days of May. I will go over them in detail on my next post. I picked 6 pieces of clothing, 2 accessories and 2 pairs of shoes. what do you think?