Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mixing Spring Gingham with Winter Fair Isle.

These days I am living in a world between two seasons. Today for example is wet, cold, gray, Hunter-boot, Beanie-wearing type of weather. But yesterday it was pretty warm with a high of 62 degrees, warm airs of wind and a mostly-clear sky. For example, I really wanted to wear a cute Outfit to work today but I have to keep in mind all the walking I have to do outside and bundle up instead. I haven't quite transitioned my closet yet but I do always leave out some pieces interchangeable for all seasons. Such as Classic, Dark-Colored Work Pants or a Gingham Shirt. Today, I took one of my pairs of Dressy Pants and my one and only Gingham Shirt (I need more Gingham in my life!!) and paired them together, adding another layer on top of the Shirt - a Fair Isle Sweater, Gingham is of course supposed to be one of the biggest trends of 2015 (hello, when is it ever NOT a trend?!). But Gingham is definitely mostly a Spring and/or Summer Pattern and Fair Isle is mostly a Winter and/or Christmas pattern, but I made the two work together, don't you think?
Sorry about the disheveled ponytail. I snapped these very quickly after work.
And Gingham pairs so well with Pearls so that's what I wore on my neck and ears.
Black Beaded Bracelet w/ Pearl, Crystal & Coin Charms: White House Black Market (very similar, great deal, love this), (similar, love this), (fun option w/ Domo beads, best deal).

I am also linking up with Carrie who is doing a Spring Challenge this month (see the button below) and featuring Gingham as one of the Spring essentials. Check out how she paired Gingham with Floral!


Have a Great Day You All and Happy almost-Spring! LOL