Sunday, March 15, 2015

Marsala Satin Skirt, New Booties and Silver Bows.

I didn't mean to drop dead and not finish Marsala Week but life got in the way. My little one has been sick so I have soaked up time with her over the weekend and I'm spending a sick day with her at home, on Monday. Blogging is a fun hobby for me, but first and foremost I am a mom. I hate when my sweet Vivian doesn't feel well.
Last Thursday night on the 12th, I wore this Outfit for a Birthday Dinner with friends. I knew I wanted to wear my Gorgeous Tiered, Satin, Marsala Pencil Skirt but I had originally paired a different sweater with it. Last minute I decided to wear it with this Fun Bow Sweater and I am glad I did because both the Skirt and Sweater have only been worn once more this Fall/Winter Season. The big bow in front of the sweater gets repeated thrice in 3 little bows, downward on the back. Since both the Skirt and Sweater are Statement Pieces, I kept the Jewels simple. My Silver Hair Pin did match the Silver Bows quite well, though. And these Booties were one of my super deals I found this month. I got them for 10 bucks down from 65$ that they were originally. They have a little platform on them so the heels are comfortable. And I tried socks with them over the tights. I like knee-high or OTK socks (over tights or minus tights)  paired with knee-high boots, so I tried short socks with short boots and I liked the final results, do you? Do you own a Skirt in a similar Burgundy shade? How have you styled it, I want to know?
Burgundy Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings: Handmade (Gifted) (similar, best deal, love these), (gorgeous option by Kate Spade, great deal, love these), (gorgeous dainty option, on sale).
Silver, Crystal/Rhinestone Hair Clip: Swarovski.
Black Trouser (Short) Socks: Target.