Thursday, March 12, 2015

Marsala Cropped Sweater, Marsala Beret, Marsala Pearls and a Remix.

Today, continuing with 2015's Color of the year as chosen by Pantone - Marsala - I am remixing my Cropped Cowl-Neck, Warm, Cozy Sweater. I purchased this Sweater for 70% off the same day at Orsay, as when I got my Marsala Coated Jeans that you and I all love!
First I wore the Sweater with my Grayish-Taupe Sweater Dress (on the right), then a couple of weeks later I wore it with Black Skinny Jeans and a Light Chambray underneath it. Let's look at each outfit in detail, below.
OK, so this Outfit I am not pleased with, not at all. It sounded better in my head than it actually came out. It was a very cold late February day so wearing two heavy knits (the cropped sweater over the sweater dress) was indeed necessary. But I did feel bulky and I do think this Sweater could work over a Light Dress. I tried to mix and match the Deep Burgundy and Taupe of the Clothes with the Dark Purple Tights and Gray OTK Boots, which as far as colors go the four colors worked together. I also added some Purple Studs. But that Long Multi-Chain Necklace definitely didn't work over the thick cowl neckline of the sweater. The best part about this day was getting to spend some mommy+daughter quality time out and about with Vivian and taking some gorgeous, candid photos of her smiling, writing and drawing on a notebook. The outfit in itself - nope, not good!
Don't you love Vivian's Dark Chambray Shirtdress? She keeps up with the trends, also. And I swear we weren't matching on purpose but yeah she has Purple Leggings paired with the Dress, while Mommy has Purple Tights lol.
Plum/Oxblood/Dark Burgundy Cropped, Ribbed Knit, Cowl-neck Sweater: Orsay (New) (fun fuzzy option, great deal), (gorgeous cable-knit option w/ pockets, best deal, love this), (crew-neck option, love this).
Deep Purple, Fleece-lined, Opaque, Footless Tights: A Hosiery Boutique (New) (very similar, micro fiber option, great deal), (similar, semi-opaque by F21, best deal), (similar by Merona, great deal, love these).
Taupe-Charcoal, Over-the-Knee Boots: Purchased in Tirana (very similar by Nine West, on sale, love these), (similar, best deal), (similar in Cognac, love these).

Vivian's Outfit:
Dark Blue Chambray Shirtdress w/ Ruffles: Thrifted.
Purple Leggings: A Random Children's Boutique.
Purple+Orange Sneakers: Target (Christmas Gift from My Mom).

This time, the sweater paired over the Light Chambray with the Black Skinny Jeans tucked into my Cognac Boots looks much better. It is a Natural Casual Outfit perfect to run errands in - which is what I did. It is not over-the-top and super stylish but still cute. I brought in a second, lighter shade of Marsala or Burgundy by wearing this Beret Beanie which is decorated with Burgundy Pearls. I am wearing some New Drop Burgundy Pearl Earrings which were recently gifted to me by a friend (for International Women's Day which was on March 8th) and they match the Beret to perfection as I photographed them below for you to see. What do you think of this Outfit? Would you wear something similar to run errands in, during Winter?
Plum/Oxblood/Dark Burgundy Cropped, Ribbed Knit, Cowl-neck Sweater: Orsay (New) (fun fuzzy option, great deal), (gorgeous cable-knit option w/ pockets, best deal, love this), (crew-neck option, love this).
Light Chambray Button-Down Shirt w/ Chest Pockets: Meijer's (very similar by Loft, on sale, love this), (similar gorgeous option, love this), (similar by Old Navy, best deal).
Burgundy Pearl & Swarvoski Crystal Drop Earrings: Handmade (Gifted) (similar, best deal, love these), (gorgeous option by Kate Spade, great deal, love these), (gorgeous dainty option, on sale).
Burgundy, Wool Knit French Beret w/ Burgundy Pearls (Embellished): A Random Boutique (similar, newsboy-cap by Nine West, great deal, love this), (elegant option, love this).
Tall Cognac Boots w/ Chunky Heels & Buckle detail on the top of the shaft: Payless (similar, fantastic deal, love these), (gorgeous option by Clarks, Splurge), (similar @ Macy's, come in 3 color options, love these).