Monday, March 9, 2015

Marsala Coated Skinny Jeans, a Blazer, Red Leopard and a Cranberry Heart.

Marsala week continues with my New Coated Jeans. Yes, I finally own a pair which I purchased for 70% off in early February. I wanted some Coated Marsala Jeans like I mentioned a while ago and I am happy to own some. They fit so well, also.
This past Saturday Night, one of my besties and I went to see the movie 50 Shades of Gray and since we made a little date night out of it, I decided to dress up and this is what I wore. I ended up liking the movie. I didn't love it but I liked it. It was a lot more romantic and a lot less scandalous than I thought it would be. However, there were many details (not-related to their sex scenes) that were not in the movie in comparison to the book. Have you watched 50 Shades of Gray yet? What did you think? My S-I-L hated it but I liked it all right. Dakota was fantastic, however I thought Jamie who played Christian could have been better.

I decided to finally wear my New (Dark) Marsala Coated Jeans. I paired them with my Silk, Lace-trimmed, Red+Black Camisole, a Black Velvet Blazer, Patent Leather Mary Jane Pumps and my new Blue Purse which has a Faux Ostrich Cranberry Heart (gifted from my Husband for Women's Day which was on March 8th). Well technically I picked it out and he told me to get it so I got it on Friday morning and carried it the next day. I love it. I like the 3 different shades of Red/Burgundy here. First we have a Deep Red (the Camisole), then a darker Almost-Burgundy Red (the heart of the Purse) and last but not least we have the Dark, Rich Marsala (the Jeans). I decided to add an extra shade of Red: Mauve-Red Lipstick, and only accessorized with a pair of those 360 Pearl Studs. I ended up loving this Outfit and it is perfect not just for my Marsala Week but also for the Creative Closet Link-up which today's prompt is to "Add a Blazer", and for Thursday to link up with Jacqueline for Spotlight Weekly which is Leopard.
Classic, Black, Velvet, Cropped Blazer: White House Black Market (similar in red+black, Splurge), (similar cami in classic colors, best deal), (similar in black+pink, great deal, love this).