Wednesday, February 4, 2015

One Thousand!!!

One Thousand!!!

Today is a special day for Elegance and Mommyhood because it is my one thousand post. No balloons, no confetti, no cupcakes. Just a leopard, cream and black, elegant outfit. We will get to that in a little bit.
...But first, a little thumbs up for me and my little blog! I have never done a blogiversary post, because I haven't really counted by the years. I wrote my first post on July 26th 2010, four and a half years ago. I titled that post "Don't be a Fashion Slave" and gave you a bit of information about who I was, including a snippet of my style via a run-down of some outfits I had worn in the recent years. However, due to always being busy and not having time to take outfit photos or when I took outfit photos, forgetting to post them, I barely blogged for the first couple of years. I did a lot of blog reading though. I, of course read Kendi Everyday like I am sure a lot of you did and a plethora of other blogs, some big and some small - some of those bloggers don't even blog anymore, actually. 

I started blogging more regularly in January of 2012. It started with 10-12 posts a month and then by late Spring/early Summer of that year it was more of a daily thing with most weekends off. 2012 was a huge year of changes for me. I had moved across the world from USA to Europe. I was living in a huge metropolitan city with about a million people, had just started a new job in an industry I had never worked before and with an important title and many responsibilities, got a new home we had to furnish, decorate and make our own. And of course that Spring my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child. Adding a blog to the mix - which as I would find out more and more later was going to be such a time-consuming little side hobby - was an additional challenge for me in 2012. So, give or take I have been blogging full time for 3 years, now. 

I have continued to blog, through pregnancy and after becoming a mom. Of course things have changed in my personal life just as much as my style. Adapting to life as a new mom meant more comfortable, more casual, more easy outfits. Some of which were more on the practical, baby-proof side than very fashionable, I must admit. In 1000 posts, I have shown you all more than a thousand outfits, including lots of remix posts. 

And after becoming a mom I changed my blog's name to "Elegance and Mommyhood" because it just seemed like the right fit. Of course my now two-year old girl, followed me through the blog and many times we blog her outfits, along-side mine. Vivian always steals the show too, because she is just adorable! And of course there are a million things that can be improved and need to me be improved here. But one I really want to work on improving this year is the quality of the photos. I need to up-grade to a nice, professional camera. Sure, I'd love to take outdoor photos but I don't see it happening soon for several reasons. First and foremost I live in such a busy city, in a very busy, populated neighborhood. In the hustle and bustle of things and with my very busy days, doing mini photo-shoots daily or at least 3-5 days a week isn't a possibility right now or very realistic. Once the weather gets nicer, I will try for some outdoor shots when I am out and about with Vivian, But, in general I am a very busy woman, you guys, I work full time. I also have a part-time job, And my job at home never ends as a wife and mother, also. I shoot my own pictures at home with my little Canon camera with a timer. At the most it takes me 10 minutes, sometimes I am done even within 4-5 minutes. Outdoor photos would take much longer, especially if I had to scoop out a place a little far away and quieter than where I live.
I would also like to give this blog a little make-over, a face-lift. Let me know of any professional blog designers that you may know that do not cost an arm and a leg, of course. I want to make my little space on the web more appealing and prettier to both my eye and yours: simple but nice, easy to read through and not tiresome. If you have any advise or recommendations for me in regards to this, I am all ears.

This is my home on the web, which continues to be a hobby, not something I really make money from (aside a few dollars here and there). I am not sure this will change in the short-term or long-term future. Just like I am not sure how my style will change. I do know that I am still enjoying this beautiful, very time-consuming hobby of mine and all the perks that have come from it. Especially getting to know many other very fashionable bloggers around the world, most of whom are wonderful ladies too. The blogging community for the most part is very nice and supportive and that is seriously the best thing for me, to come out of this blog. Of course, I have had a few companies and local boutiques contact me to do reviews, provide me with free clothes or free accessories and such and that has been wonderful and so generous of them too. I am very thankful for that as well because duhh I love clothes and accessories. Even better if they are free. So thank you to everyone. Thank you to all the bloggers who visit here whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or whatever. Thank you to all of you who have collaborated with me for some fun style posts, as well. And thank you to all the wonderful brands, boutiques and companies out there who have liked my blog and asked to be part of it. Your support, readership, comments, compliments, advise and constructive criticism means a lot to me. I need to reward you with a fun giveaway (on the works) soon!

And now for my 1000nd post to celebrate this blog's big achievement I chose an Outfit which features Leopard, Cream and Black. Three neutrals in my book, because I consider Leopard a Neutral as well. I paired this new Silky Cream Blouse by H&M (which has Kimono Sleeves) with these New Gorgeous Velvet, Ankle-length Leopard Pants by Zara. (Thank you to both H&M and Zara for providing these beautiful pieces - they are two of my favorite European brands that can also be found in US.) I kept the jewelry simple and paired some sparkly pieces (that match as a set) with my dainty crystal necklace, crystal studs and bracelet all from White House Black Market - another brand I love, especially when it comes to their jewelry. I added some Black Patent Leather Pumps, a Black Sparkly Clutch from The Limited - my favorite store and of course for a special, going out look I wore some Bright Red Lipstick. I super love this outfit too, you guys.  Hope you do, too. =)
Circle, Crystal, Silver Chain, Dainty Necklace: White House Black Market (similar by Swarovski, love this), (cute option by Vera Bradley, great deal, love this), (fun option by Express, best deal).
Silver, Crystal/Rhinestone Hair Clip: Swarovski.

P.P.S. In case you are wondering today's post is in Red because Red is Bold, Glamorous, Feminine, Fierce, Beautiful and Festive. Red is my Absolute Favorite Color - in case you didn't know - and one I am told by everyone looks great on me. Red is also the color of Love and the color of February. I love this little blog of mine, therefore today you get RED!