Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pinspired: Leopard, Blue Denim and Black.

I have been so addicted to Pinterest especially in the last couple of months that I have been pinning away and pinning away. There is so much great fashion, so many stylish inspirations and so many great blogs out there. What I need to do more of is actually re-create some of these outfits that truly fit my style and for which I already have the items in my own closet. So when AUDREY of Putting Me Together announced some fun fashion challenges this month (one weekly) I decided to follow some of "her rules" and do these challenges whenever I could.  This week is all about re-creating an outfit you pinned. So, just recently I pinned this outfit (which you see below on the collage) from Fancy Stuff and Pretty Things, and I of course had all the pieces to re-create it and wear it to work. Ashley has great style and she is a Michigander (my second home).
So, couldn't I think of this outfit of my own? It is simple enough plus black, leopard and blue denim are of course all neutrals. The truth is, Ashley thought of it first and I am glad I saw it and was able to wear it on my own. I wore this just a couple of days ago to work and got many compliments on it, also. I have had my Beautiful Leopard Pencil Skirt for a long while and hadn't worn it (shuffled/lost in my huge piles of clothes I tell you). And I hadn't noticed until I wore it that the leopard spots have a little white in them, making them a little more unique. I did tuck in my turtleneck especially since mine is a thin jersey/cotton type (great for layering). Ashley's might be a Turtleneck Sweater but it looks just as good un-tucked. And our denim jackets are almost the same wash. My tights are not quite simple and as opaque as Ashley's, mine actually are in a subtle spider-print, I guess if I carried a black leather bag and wore my black Rayban glasses, it would have been an exact copy of the outfit I pinned to re-create. Anyway, I liked how mine came out and it is totally my style and something I could wear to my laid-back office job. What do you think? Have you worn this combination before?
For the outerwear part I did also wear this Beautiful Leopard Scarf with the pops of Fuchsia (it even has 2 large Fuchsia Hearts on each side, on the front).
Black, Thin Jersey-Stretch, Long-Sleeve Turtleneck: Express (very similar by Ralph Lauren, love this), (very similar), (long-sleeve, ribbed option by VS, best deal, love this).
Green, Gold & Yellow, Oval-shaped Crystal, Long Necklace: A Random Boutique (very similar, best deal), (gorgeous option in blues+purples, love this), (similar, comes in several pastel colors, great deal, love this).
Light, Breezy, Viscose-blend Leopard Scarf w/ Large Fuchsia Hearts on the front & Fuchsia Edges: A Random Boutique (very similar), (similar in snow leopard by Echo, love this), (similar, infinity style, best deal, love this).
Off-Black, Spider-Print Opaque Tights: H&M.

Also, for The Creative Closet link-up next week, the prompt is called "Mirror Image". Basically wear an outfit similar or inspired by one you have pinned. I am linking up with Jana and Maegen with this.