Monday, January 19, 2015

Vivian is TWO!

Today is a Special Day because my Beautiful Vivian turns 2. She is not a little baby anymore though she will always and forever be my baby!
I snapped these photos of her late last night, showing off her special-made Dress I ordered for her (which is a little big on her, oops). That big puffy tutu made her very curious and she was a little scared to put it on, at first lol.

Exactly two years ago on January 19th 2013, it was rainy just like it is today, but the warmest, brightest light would come into our lives. You were born Vivian... and from that very moment you stole my heart and you keep stealing more and more of it, every day. I am so happy, blessed and proud to be your mama. You are sweet, beautiful, healthy, happy, funny and smart. And hmm, yes a little spoiled too, but that's OK. God was so generous when he decided to make you my daughter because you have made my life so much more fulfilling and joyful. I love you so very much. Happy 2nd Birthday Mommy's Little Princess! May you have a wonderful day and a beautiful year ahead where you grow happy and healthy and learn new things and new words every day!

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Happy Monday January 19th Everyone! I am off to finish my work day quickly and celebrate my little girl's birthday, later today! Thanks for reading!