Saturday, January 17, 2015

Recapping 2014: Dresses and Jumpsuits.

It is already more than half-way through January (gasp!) so better late than never, I am showing you the third and last edition of my Favorite Looks of 2015 where this time I am recapping Dresses - My Favorite. Definitely last but not least since Dresses are my Most Favorite clothing item to wear, period. Also, check out my Top 17 Looks featuring Skirts and Shorts. Here are my Top 17 Looks featuring Pants, Jeans and Leggings. And my Top 3 Dressy, Special Occasion Looks. With the 18 Dresses I chose today and the 2 Jumpers, the total of my Favorite Looks is 57 Favorites of 2014. I know that is a high number but it was a year where I showed you over 300 Outfits. I did have un-favorites as well. If I counted those, I'd probably have at least 15-20. But let's focus on the positive, on the best, like I said.

The Best in Dresses and Rompers: I wore A TON of Dresses in 2014. Many striped and floral ones, some shirt-dresses, some sweater dresses, some maxi ones. Narrowing it down to these 18 favorite looks was difficult. Below I grouped them into two different categories: Fun and Work. Clearly I love and own way too many Striped Dresses and I love Dresses in Bright Colors. I also wore some Dresses with Hats or other Hair Accessories. What are some of your Favorites from my list below?
(The outfits are listed in no particular order of liking.) 

For Fun.

For Work.

Enjoy the Weekend Everyone!! I am finally taking down the Christmas Tree (all the other decorations were taken down a while ago).