Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pink Tassels over Black+White Windowpane.

It is the last day of June which means we are half-way through 2015. What the what?! How is that even possible?! I feel like every year goes faster and faster especially after being married and even more so after becoming a parent. Or is it just me?!?
One of the biggest and most fun trends of Spring/Summer 2015 are most definitely tassels (and pom-poms, too). Tassels are everywhere from jewelry and accessories to dresses, skirts and shoes. Today, for the Trend Spin Link-up with Laura, the theme is all about tassels and pom-poms. And I am showing off my new Gorgeous Spring Scarf. I love the soft pinks, mix of floral with paisley, the breezy rayon-blend material and especially the tassels all around the edges. This scarf was a little more than what I wanted to pay but I still got about 10% off of it and got it for a little under 20 bucks. And it was worth it. Though not shown on the blog before, I have worn it a lot. This time I paired it with my B+W Windowpane Shift Mini Dress. The peachy pinks of the Scarf go well with mustard so my Mustard Ballerinas worked. And when you have a Statement Scarf like this you don't do a lot of jewelry. All I wore was my tiny real gold+diamond hoops and a fun mesh, infinity bracelet. What do you think of the Neutral Windowpane Pattern paired with the Pink Floral Tassel Scarf? It worked, no?
Tiny, Real Gold Hoops w/ Real Diamonds: A Fine Jewelry Store (gifted from the husband) (very similar, Splurge). (very similar, Steal), (similar gorgeous option by Judith Ripka, great deal, love these).
Black Mesh Infinity Bracelet w/ Brown Crystals inside & Magnetic Clasp: A Random Boutique (New).

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Easy Dresses and America's Colors.

Today I bring you two more Outfits. They each feature Easy Dresses that have a little bit of America's Colors to them. So here is to Red, White and Blue! Here is to Stripes Forever! Happy Monday!!
I purchased this Aztec/Ethnic Print Dress for 6 bucks last Summer. I have only shown it on the blog twice but I have worn it a couple more times than that. This was the first styling I did of this dress for this Summer. I went a little over-board with the accessories maybe but I loved it. The Dress itself has Navy, Gray, Red, Orange and Burgundy. I mixed in different blues via my Bow Belt, Gorgeous Turquoise Necklace and Aqua Cocktail Ring. I also added similar Bangles: one white and one coral and of course my Blue+Red Ostrich Heart Bag went perfectly with the Outfit. I wore it for the second Outfit too. It is the perfect bag and it maches almost any Patriotic/Americana Looks, in my opinion. What do you think?
Royal Blue, Leather Skinny Belt w/ Blue+Gold Metallic Bow: A Local Boutique (New) (very similar, Splurge, love this), (similar by Jil Sander, on sale, love this), (similar, for a steal).
Blue,  Grosgrain Ribbon Bow Barrette: A Local Boutique.

Isn't this the Perfect American 4th of July Dress? It is Navy, White and Red. It is Striped. Plus it is is perfectly Nautical and it has pockets. What do you think? As a matter of fact it was the Dress I showed/wore last year for 4th of July with my little sweetheart matching me in her stripes. This time I wore a Clear/Black Ombre Crystal Necklace, two Bangles (in dark red and in white) and of course my awesome blue+red purse and the same maroon/bourdeaux jelly little wedges as the first outfit. I just got these wedges a couple of weeks ago at a street vendor, brand-new for a dollar. I wore them right away that day. I took off my little slide sandals and wore these instead.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Stripes and Polka Dots Remix.

In the beggining of this week during my Mom Wear to Work Wear Post I showed you a Classic, Periwinkle Pinstriped Oxford Shirt which I first paired with White Skinny Jeans for my Mom Look and later with my Olive Corduroy Pencil Skirt for the Work Look. Just a week later I reached for my White Jeans and Olive Cord Skirt again. So, today I am sharing both of these Neutral, mostly Black+White Outfits with pops of Color. Between the Polka Dots, Stripes, White and a little bit of Blue, there is a little Americana flair to each outfit, don't you think? Which outfit below is your favorite?
This time my White Jeans got paired with a Black+White Polka Dot Peplum Top. I added a bunch of Bracelets for a little arm party, my newest Statement Necklace (love the Pastel Colors and bug-shaped stones on this one), my American-flag Loafers and this Ostrich Heart Purse I can't seem to let go of, lately lol.
Pastel+Cream+Crystal Colored Statement Necklace w/ Square and Bug-shaped Stones: A Local Accessories Boutique (New) (very similar by Loft, on sale, love this), (similar gorgeous option, Splurge), (fun, cool option by JC Penney's, great deal, love this), (feminine option w/ leaves, best deal).
Lavender+White, Lucite Beaded Bracelet w/ Stripes+Dots: Borrowed from Sister-in-Law (she has received it as a Gift from me).
Black Beaded Bracelet w/ Pearl, Crystal & Coin Charms: White House Black Market (very similar, great deal, love this), (similar, love this), (fun option w/ Domo beads, best deal).
2 Nude, Lucite, Thin Bangles: F21 (part of a set).
Bronze+Olive, Thin Pave Bangle: A London Boutique (part of a set).
Dark Blue Woven Bracelet w/ Silver Cross Charm: Purchased at church.
Pink Bow Hair Tie w/ White Polka Dots: A Random Street Vendor.

For the Olive Corduroy Skirt I paired it with a Classic, Black+White Striped Tee embellished with some Lace oer the chest part. I did utilize my loops this time and added a Royal Blue Bow Belt to the skirt's hoops. I also accessorized with a Bow Turquoise Headband, Tourqouise Stud Earrings, a Gold Cuff and my New Sandals. I love these Black+White Sandals with plain white, plain black and zebra straps. The zebra stripes go with the striped tee.
Royal Blue, Leather Skinny Belt w/ Blue+Gold Metallic Bow: A Local Boutique (New) ( very similar, Splurge, love this), (similar by Jil Sander, on sale, love this), (similar, for a steal).
Black, White+Zebra Strappy Sandals w/ White Flat Platform Heels: Simple Shoes (New) (very similar), (similar by Steve Madden, great deal, love these), (fun option by Misguided, best deal, love this), (similar platform slides, Splurge).

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Also, before I leave for this Friday,  go check out my Jumpsuit Outfit featured on Jill's Blog. Thanks.
Enjoy June's last weekend, ladies!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dots of Color.

I have another Work Outfit for you today. It is pretty much a classic with a Black Pencil Skirt as the anchor piece. Yes I did pair it with a Polka Dot Top but while its background is neutral in a Gray/Taupe, the Dots are Bright Fuchsia or Magenta. This is perfect for the Spotlight Weekly today since the theme is Pops of Color. My pops of color come via the Dots of both the Top and Multi-Colored Dots of my Peep-toe Wedges. That is why I am titling this "Dots of Color".
I love this Polka Dot Blouse with the Bright Fuchsia Dots and Fun Wide Sleeves. I included it in my 30 for 30 Spring 2014 challenge. The larger dots are repeated in the small dots of the peep-toe wedges. My pops of color also come via the deep read heart of the purse. And the floaty crystal bracelet ties in all the colors of the Outfit. I have on some Multi-Colored Crystal, Dainty Drop Earrings, too. I have worn this Polka Dot Top with two other Neutral Pencil Skirts before: a Gray one and a White one. I have also worn it with my Trusty Denim Jacket and Blue Jeans on the bottom. You can see all these 3 other outfits side by side, here. Which one is your favorite way I styled this Dotted Blouse with a Pencil Skirt? I think I like today's the best.
Multi-Stranded Cuff Bracelet w/ Floating Navy, Baby Pink, Clear, Baby Blue & Red Beads: A Random Street Vendor.
Dainty Gold-tone Earrings w/ Cubic Crystal, 4-Colored Stones: Fred's Jewelry (similar by Givenchy, fantastic deal, love these), (gorgeous option by Swarovski, great deal), (similar by Bebe, best deal, love these).
Multi-Stranded Cuff Bracelet w/ Floating Navy, Baby Pink, Clear, Baby Blue & Red Beads: A Random Street Vendor.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Red Americana Shirtdress.

Yesterday I shared a Very Bright Yellow Shirtdress with you on the blog. Today I am sharing a different shirtdress - in a deep red color - and it is currently what I am wearing also. Since the 4th of July is next week I am being my patriotic American self and styled it with White Chucks and pops of Blue via my Necklace, Turquoise Bracelet and Bag. What do you think?
Living in a large metropolitan city like I do, I see so much style and fashion every day especially street style. Today, at one of the local cafes I drink my morning macchiatto (it is a national coffee brand like Starbucks), sitting on two separate tables next to me, I saw ladies wearing dresses with sneakers like I am doing. One was wearing a LBD with White Leather Sneakers like this pair, one a Graphic T-Shirt Dress with White Leather Sneakers, one a Black Pencil Skirt with a Neon Green Blouse and Neon Colorblocked Sneakers like this stunning pair, one had on a LBD with Colorful Neon Running Sneakers like these or these (love this second pair by the way) and one had on a Striped Dress with Bright Sneakers like these. Everyone looked great in their own right. Some of these ladies dressed like this for work. A lot of office jobs here have a more laid-back, uptown, urban and modern dress code. What about you? Are you loving the Dresses+Sneakers combo?
This inexpensive but fun+cute pair of Floral Sunglasses have become an accessory MVP for me this Spring and Summer. I am basically altnernating between these, my mirrored pink sunnies and my circle dark gray ones. I am linking these sunnies up with Maegen and Jana for the Creative Closet next week which is all about Favorite Sunnies.
Black Floral, Wayfarer Sunglasses: Random Street Vendor for 2$! (New) (similar Wayfarer, best deal), (retro option by Chic Nova, love these), (similar Wayfarer in pink floral, love these).

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