Thursday, April 30, 2015

White, Khaki and Leopard.

The last theme of the Create 28 Lovely Spring Looks with Carrie and Whitney was Leopard Print and I am a couple of days late but before April is over I bring you my Spring Leopard Outfit. I wore a Leopard Chiffon Blouse with my White Skinny Jeans (part of my top 10) and early in the morning, I topped them off with a Khaki Blazer. In my morning commute and a little later I also wore my Olive Green Flats and then switched right away to my Nude Pumps which were worn the rest of the day. This outfit is from yesterday by the way and it is an Outfit I loved which explains the gazillion pictures, too. LOL I think from all of my remixing month with the top 10, it is hands down my favorite outfit and definitely my favorite way (out of the three ways I have shown so far) to style these White Skinny Jeans which have become a Spring MVP for me. They pair so nicely with Khaki and Leopard, creating a pretty neutral outfit but which still looks interesting, don't you think? I hope I inspire you to wear your white skinny jeans or white pants or a white skirt with some leopard, today. =) Happy Thursday!!
So, do you prefer better the version with the Khaki Jacket  + Studded Olive Ballet Flats or the one without the Jacket + the Nude Patent Leather Pumps? I like them both but prefer a little more, the look without the Jacket and the Nude Pumps.
Tiny, Real Gold Hoops w/ Real Diamonds: A Fine Jewelry Store (gifted from the husband) (very similar, Splurge). (very similar, Steal), (similar gorgeous option by Judith Ripka, great deal, love these).

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Stop by here tomorrow for a 4th installment of the Budget Babes: Spring Trends with Rachel and Maria and then stay tuned because I have a Fun May planned for the blog as it is my birthday month. Happy Last Day of April Everyone!! Thank you for reading - always!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tweed Sheath, Elbow Patches and Turquoise Accessories.

This outfit has the perfect elements of a chic work look. It is elegant yet a little fun. Let's take it piece by piece. I am wearing a Neutral, Black+White Tweed, Sheath-Style Dress (which looks gray from the small pattern). Since the Dress is sleeveless and plus it is still chilly, I layered with my Hunter Green Corduroy Blazer with Brown Leather Elbow Patches. The Blazer is pretty thick so it served as my outerwear, also. I wanted a pop of bright Spring in there so I added my Gorgeous Turquoise Loafers (part of my top 10 challenge - yet going strong this month) and a matchy Turquoise Statement Necklace - the Infamous Waterfall Necklace. I was so happy with the end results of this. I felt polished, work-chic and yet feminine. Sometimes it is all about the accessories, don't you think?
The outfit looks great whether the blazer is buttoned, or not. =)

Hunter Green, Single-Button, Corduroy Blazer w/ Brown Leather Buttons & Brown Leather Elbow Patches: H&M (New) (similar corduroy hunter green blazer), (similar by Rag & Bone, love this), (gorgeous plaid option by Anne Klein, on sale, love this), (navy, BF style option by Mango, best deal, love this).
Tiny, Real Gold Hoops w/ Real Diamonds: A Fine Jewelry Store (gifted from the husband) (very similar, Splurge). (very similar, Steal), (similar gorgeous option by Judith Ripka, great deal, love these).
Turquoise Suede Smoking Loafer w/ Gold Leather Tassels & Piping: Caterina Firenze (New) (very similar, Splurge), (Oxford option by Halogen, great deal, love this), (Moccasin option by Minnetonka, best deal, love these).

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Accordion Pleats, Flares and a Hat.

Posting kind of late today but I have had such a busy day: working from home, taking Vivian to daycare (have to pick her up real soon), running some errands, dealing with lots of sunshine at first and then some fast furious rain. But the outfit I am posting is what I am currently wearing, a little Bohemian in my opinion and perfect to link up with the Creative Closet today which is "Boho Babe". Here is a Wintery Boho Look featuring the same hat. =)
So, in my book my Boho Babe look equals Accordion Pleats, Flares and a Hat. Let's explain. I am wearing a Mint Chiffon Blouse with an Accordion-Pleated Back, Distressed Flare Blue Jeans by Rerock, Edgy Booties (part of my top 10) and a Panama/Country-like Fedora Hat. All I did is accessorize with a Pretty Green Necklace which has Glass Beads. The Necklace was purchased in Italy along two other similar ones. My blouse was purchased recently at a local boutique but it is made in Italy. I even added a little braid off the side, in the front. I am not sure I love the braid but it looks cute with the hat on. A little Italian Bohemian for me and for you? LOL So what do you think of my Accordion Pleats, Flare Denim and Hat? Have you tried the Boho trend this Spring?
Lime Green & Metallic Silver, Glass-Beaded Long Necklace: From Italy (Handmade) (gorgeous option by Kenneth Cole, best deal, love this), (chunky option by Topshop, great deal), (dainty option w/ 1 solid glass bead, love this).
Tiny, Real Gold Hoops w/ Real Diamonds: A Fine Jewelry Store (gifted from the husband) (very similar, Splurge). (very similar, Steal), (similar gorgeous option by Judith Ripka, great deal, love these).
Brown Leather, Cut-Out Booties w/ Edgy Gold Buckles: Nordstrom (New) (similar by Target, best deal), (similar, flat option by Timberland, love these), (similar, come in 2 colors, fantastic deal), (fun option by Dana Buchman, great deal, love these).

The Creative Closet
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Neutrals in Layers and a Vivian Update.

First of all, these photos/outfits of Vivian and I are a few weeks old, just when I started wearing the 10 items I chose for the Top 10 Remix with Sarah. The Outfit is just OK: some Creamy Neutrals with a pop of Navy and Burgundy. It kind of feels Fall-ish though trust me it was worn in very early Spring. It is good for today and to link up with Carrie and Whitney for the Create 28 which after Stripes, the theme was Skirts. Actually my Pencil Skirt (Top 10 item) has those asymmetric Navy Pleated Stripes, on the front, also. But I happen to love Vivian's Outfit and these pictures of her from that day. Since Vivian has been MIA on the blog mostly this month and I haven't done a recent update on her, I figured I should post this today on the last Monday of April (whaaaat?!)
Vivian absolutely loves a picture camera, especially the flash light part and to click the buttons on it lol. These days she is more about being behind the camera (i.e. messing with it and being curious about all the camera's buttons, etc) than being in front of it. I have a hard time taking nice pictures of her because she doesn't sit still for a minute. Anyway, below is a more general update on her.
Vivian Health Update and more:
A week ago on the 19th Vivian turned 27 months which makes her exactly 2 years and a quarter old. Time flies, I tell you. This month she has been more sick than not, as I have mentioned on this blog, before. It actually started in March when she got a bad cold. It lasted almost two weeks, most of which time I took off from work and we took her off from daycare. Vivian doesn't really like the sweet juicy medicines. Therefore every time she gets sick, we have to fight it in other ways. We had to give her antibiotics via shots both last month and this month. My poor baby had to be poked twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) for 5 days at a time, last month and this month but there is no other way since she doesn't take her meds by mouth or when she does she throws up. We have a nurse come at our home and Vivian totally recognized the nurse since after the first day and wasn't happy to see her when she did. But this month, just last week she was a pro and very well-behaved during the last couple of days of her shots. She laid down on her own and it was easy for me to hold her. After the shot, she cried very little but still, my heart feels for her. 

Unfortunately we are dealing on and off (for over a year now) with a bad, bad cough, too. It gets worse when Vivian gets a cold or gets sick, but a specialist told us it is probably partially allergic too. We are taking her in to see another doctor for it and hopefully start some type of allergy medicine (hopefully she drinks it) to get rid of the bad, bad cough. Between the illness, new teeth coming out (poor little girl), the allergy season and the Sprinter (Spring mixed with Winter) we are having, Vivian' appetite and sleep have been affected, too. It sucks. I can only hope she grows stronger from all of this and so does her immune system. Though most parents tell me that it is temporary and all little kids go through this. Despite it all, Vivian is happy, laughing and full of energy most of the time. But yeah at times she throws those temper tantrums that the terrible twos are known for. We look forward to each day with her as she grows and learns new things to do, say and discover each day! She is my life's biggest blessing!

Vivian's Bright Red+Cranberry+Purple Colors of her Outfit sort of go with my pops of Burgundy and Navy from my Outfit. I love this photo of us, by the way.
Vivian's absolute favorite TV Show (and character) is "Pocoyo". In the last couple of months we 'discovered' "Peppa Pig" and I must say she loves that show, as well. So we alternate between these and "Teletubbies" depending on what she says she wants to see.
Love this little beauty of mine, so very much. She just stepped very close to the camera as I was trying to photograph her and I suddenly took this close-up photo but I love it. My favorite picture from that day.
Nude/Beige 3/4-Sleeve, Silk-blend Cardigan, Embellished w/ Sequins: The Limited (similar in blush pink, Splurge), (bolero option by Robert Rodriguez, great deal, love this), (similar by Boden in baby pink, best deal, love this).
Nude+Pastel Colored, Cashmere-blend Scarf w/ Polka Dots: Borrowed from Mother-in-Law (I have given it to her as a gift; originally from Lord & Taylor) (similar in beige+white, great deal, love this), (similar in lavender+beige, love this), (similar by Target, best deal).

Vivian's Outfit:
Red, Penguin Tee w/ Long Sleeves: A Random Kohl's.
Cranberry Corduroy Skirt: Hand-me-down from a friend.
Purple Leggings: A Random Children's Boutique.
Navy Patent Leather Booties: A Children's Shoe Boutique.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Watercolor and Stripes in the Navy.

Hello from this lovely, warm Sunday. How is the weather in your parts? Upper 60s, sunny and with a light breeze around here. It's only lunchtime and I have already gotten a lot done such as laundry, folding clothes and putting them in their place, a little bit of Spring organizing, some washing+cleaning, a morning espresso, walk and playtime with Vivian, I made smoothies for breakfast and I am about to make lunch. I feel accomplished and I have the same feeling about the Create 28 Challenge and the Top 10 Challenge from Whitney with Carrie and from Sarah's blogs to be exact. I have used/worn one of my top 10 items for every outfit this month (though I started a few days late) and I have followed all the prompts thus far from the Create 28 Lovely Spring Looks. I am a couple of days behind with the Stripes prompt but fear not - here it is!
Finally, this Striped Dress from the top 10 items got worn a second time this month (though I have worn it a third time already but have yet to blog it). The Navy (or are they Black?!) Stripes over the starchy White Canvas pattern-mix well with the Navy+White Watercolor Blazer which is another item from the top 10. I know I showed you this Blazer just a couple of days ago in a remix post, but I cannot help it. I have already worn this blazer 4 times this month - I truly love it and I am so glad it is part of my closet and part of this remix month. I wore this outfit to work and yes the dress is short but any short dress suddenly looks better and more work-appropriate when worn with dark tights. It was only a couple of hours of teaching and I made sure not to bend down or anything so it worked fine. My young students (they are 2nd and 3rd graders) told me that I looked beautiful that day. The girls in particular, always notice my outfits and I have heard from some of their moms that I dress nice and stylish which of course is a great compliment to receive. I mixed and matched some jewelry and neutral shoes keeping it all in the same monochrome color palette and some bright pink lips and I was all set. What do you think? Does the Blazer look right over the Dress or the two patterns clash?
Dangly Earrings w/ Black Crystal Square Stone & Circle Pearl: White House Black Market (similar gorgeous option, on sale, love these), (similar, great deal, love these), (current option by WHBM, best deal), (simple, classic option, fantastic deal).
Black Rope Bracelet w/ Smoke Stone & 2 small Crystal Stones off the side: White House Black Market (similar, best deal), (similar w/ pave purple fireball, great deal, love this), (gorgeous nautical option, Splurge).

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Happy last Sunday of April, everyone!