Friday, December 26, 2014

Ghosts of Christmas Past - Part Two.

Christmas has come and gone however we are still in the spirit of the Holidays, right? How was your Christmas? What did you receive? For one, I am wearing my Red Coat again today (IRL) and have more red in my outfit too. A couple of weeks ago I showed you some outfits from previous, recent Christmas seasons. While I don't have the photos ready of what I wore yesterday (for this year's Christmas), I am showing you part two of Ghosts of Christmas Past. Ohh and a very cropped bob hair-style (back from 2007).

Year 2007.
This was a few days prior to Christmas when we took some photos as a couple (and of course a few by myself) and the couple pictures were for our Christmas cards that year. We put up the White Fake Tree that year. We owned both a Green and a White one (both fake, since we were living in an apartment). I decorated the tree in many colors and I love how it came out, especially the addition of several shoe ornaments which I purchased at the Shoe Museum in Toronto, the Fall of that year.
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Red Stilettos with Bows, Silver Dangly Earrings and Silver Bracelet.

A few nights after Christmas, spending a gift-giving dinner with some girlfriends.
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Metallic Pumps, Chandelier Earrings, Christmas Nails and Red Lipstick.

Christmas Eve at my parents' home where we had dinner that evening and shared gifts.
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Coated, Metallic Greenish Blue Jeans and Green Sweater with embellishment around the neckline.

Year 2011.
This was the First Christmas we spent at our first apartment together in Tirana - Albania (it was also the last Christmas at that apartment as we were looking for something bigger and more of a loft style, which we have now). Our first tree at a new place and it's a new tree with all new ornaments also. I took these photos after I was done decorating our apartment that day, sometime in early December 2011.
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Gold Jewelry and Gold Braided Headband. But this Outfit is definitely more of a regular one, not necessary a Holiday Outfit.

On Christmas Day after we got dressed to go for Dinner at my In-Laws. My first time spending Christmas day with them after I moved back to Europe (since my husband and I lived in the States).
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Red (and Black) Dress with Bow, Red+Crystal Drop Earrings, Red Feather in my hair and Silver Bracelets.

Year 2013.
Starting off this year with one of my favorite photos. I wore this outfit also to the little photo-shoot we had for Vivian since it was her First Christmas. We had the shoot elsewhere but then I had my husband snap some photos of us by our home (next to our tree).
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Red Silk Blouse with Bow and Red Ballet Flats.

A few days before Christmas. I wore this out and about and to meet up two girlfriends for a gift exchange evening.
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Velvet Leggings, Sequined Festive Sweater and Silver Jewelry.

I wore this Outfit to a Christmas Fundraiser Luncheon where we were invited to bring the kids. I actually also wore a different Red Sweater and a different Faux Leather, Black Skater Skirt on the actual Christmas day that year but I don't have pictures from that day on this lap-top, sorry.
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Red Sweater with Sequins, Heels and Silver Crystal Jewelry.

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Come back here on Monday for a Very Special Holiday Post. Happy TGIF and Enjoy the last weekend of 2014!