Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ghosts of Christmas Past - Part One.

Christmas is right around the corner and I for one love this time of the year. I am one of those people that goes all out for the Christmas Season as far as decorating goes and usually change things up each year. I will be honest though, I went for simple and small when it came to decorating this year, because I have a very young toddler who still doesn't understand everything and my daughter is always so curious and wants to touch everything, so I was worried our large 6 feet tall tree wouldn't work out this year. I still don't have all the photos of our 2014 Christmas decor from this year but I am sharing a sneak peak below (the first two pictures).

Growing up in a very close-knit family that gets larger each year, as more great-grandchildren are born (we had a little baby girl join our family this year, also), I am always celebrating and going into all kinds of parties and Christmas dinners during the Holiday Season. And I love dressing up for them, even if I am just wearing Jeans, I will make sure to incorporate some element of Christmas into my Outfit. Another thing I have done as a tradition, is to take at least a photo by each Christmas Tree, both from my home and from the homes of the family members, hosting Christmas dinner that particular year.

So I figured, anticipating a week where I will be showing Holiday-themed Outfits featuring Plaid (starting on Tuesday December 16th), I should share with you some Outfits from Christmas past. Let's call them "The Ghosts of Christmas Past" if you will. And stay tuned tomorrow Monday December 15th, for a Special Holiday-related Post that you shouldn't miss. In honor of the Holidays, I am also co-hosting a link-up tomorrow.

Year 2006.
This was Christmas Eve where my husband and I as newly-weds, and for the first time in our apartment (at the time) hosted a small Christmas Dinner, just with my parents and my brother. This is what I wore to Dinner, but I was in Christmas PJs when I was cooking. Oh and I am drinking a Nutella Hot Chocolate Drink in case you were wondering. I made it myself. I shall share the recipe, cause it is quite good.
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Wearing Green and Bows (on my Shoes) and Gold Jewelry.

Continuing that same year, this was a little Christmas Celebration with friends (at their apartment) on December 23rd. Isn't their gold tree, pretty?
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Wearing Sparkly Jewelry and Dangly Earrings.

This was a few days after Christmas where my Husband and I decided to have a mini photo shoot of the two of us, wearing Purple and matching our tree from that year.
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Wearing a Cocktail Dress, Silver Nails and Matching the Tree. Hubby also wore a Light Purple Shirt with a Silver Tie.

The last photo from that year is on Christmas day, which my Aunt hosted that year (at my mother's sister's home). I was fighting a horrible migraine that day and that is part of the reason I wanted to really dress up which I did. I even wore Fancy Shoes (not pictured).
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Wearing Red head to toe. My Shoes were Red with Silver, White, Blue and Green Straps.

Year 2008.
This was on Christmas Day 2008 at my Parent's Home by their tree. We had a small Brunch with them and then we went over my Uncle's who hosted Christmas Dinner that year.
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Wearing Green, Emerald+Gold Statement Earrings and a Gold Bracelet.

That same year, sometime in December at our own home, posing by the tree (of course).
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Wearing Sequins and Red Earrings.

This was on New Year's Day at my Grandpa's Home. I will never forget that Christmas Season as it was the last one for my Grandpa (RIP).
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Wearing a Silver Sweater, Silver+Gold, Long Dangly Earrings and Shiny Leggings.

Year 2009.
This photo was taken at our home, before heading out for my Work's Holiday Party from 2009.
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Wearing a Gold Brocade Cocktail Dress, Gold+Silver Jewelry and Red (Floral) Pumps.

Again in 2009 at my Uncle's Home on Christmas Day.
My Outfit's Christmas Element:  Wearing a Green Sweater Tee and a Green Cardigan on top. The Cardigan also has the most Gorgeous Emerald Green Silk, Asian-Print lining on the inside. I also wore some Dangly Gold Earrings.

Year 2012.
The year I was pregnant with my beautiful Vivian. This was on Christmas day at our home and I was almost exactly 9  months pregnant. Vivian was born less than 4 weeks later.
My Outfit's Christmas Element: Wearing Red with a Silver Necklace, and my Tunic Sweater is quite Dressy also with Satin detail on the shoulders.

I hope you enjoyed my Flashback Christmas post. There will be a second part to this, next Sunday. What do you normally wear on Christmas day? As a Host? Or as someone who has been invited as a Guest? I want to know.

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