Friday, October 31, 2014

My Favorite Pink Item.


Welcome to the 10th and final Pink Day. Yes, I posted 10 OOTDs with something Pink ten days in a row and today being the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness month and Halloween, I am wearing my last and final one. No celebrations or costumes for any of us this Halloween. I wish I would have dressed up Vivian in a costume, but they don't trick or treat here. Last year for her first Halloween, we were in the States and she did wear a costume. With that said, where did October fly, guys? 2 more months let in 2014.

Well, since this is the last one, I am wearing my Favorite Pink item today - which is my Baby Pink Trench Coat by Bebe. Sure I could have done a Pink Dress since I haven't done a Pink Dress throughout this month, but all of my Pink Dresses are prety Summery and quite Dressy also. With the weather and following the prompt that it is indeed October, I opted for none of them during my Pink Outfits. I do love this Trench though. I own several trenches, But let's be honest, how often you see a Gorgeous, Silky Trench in a Soft (Baby) Pink Color? Plus I got on a Gorgeous Hot Pink+Red Silk Scarf by Express and my Soft Blush Pink Lipstick, once again.
Well, this Outfit is all about this Pink Trench Coat. It is the Statement piece here and today's outfit is more about what's on the outside than what is inside the coat. I last showed you this Trench as one of my Spring Must Haves. Well, I am here to tell you that a Trench Coat works for Fall as well, for early to mid Fall weather (and for some of us in warmer climates even late Fall). Last time, I was also wearing Jeans and a Monochromatic Blue Outfit underneath. This time I have on some Boot-cut "Rerock" Express Jeans and a Royal Blue Turtleneck Sweater. My 'Jewelry' for this Outfit is this Beautiful, Bright Silky Scarf by Express. And to keep with the Blue theme of the entire Outfit I choose to wear my Blue Wedge Booties. And FYI: this is what I am currently wearing in real life today, as I am typing this. It doesn't happen to often but every now and then I post OOTDs of the Outfit I actually have on in real life, that particular day. What do you think? Do you own a Trench Coat? How are you wearing it this Fall?

Thanks again to all of you who have linked up this month to honor a great cause like Breast Cancer for Women. Amy and I have appreciated it. Thanks for all of your Inspiration.
And I am taking the weekend off so I wanted to wish you a Great Weekend and a Happy Start to November!!

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