Monday, October 27, 2014

Fuchsia Color-blocked.

Happy Monday you all - the last of this month, the Monday before Halloween as well. Do you have anything planned for Halloween by the way? And speaking of Halloween, stay tuned for Tomorrow's Post, shall you. =)

My Pink item today is on the brighter side of the rainbow. It is my Silky, Fuchsia, 3/4-Sleeve Blouse by Old Navy.
One of my favorite ways to do color-blocking is either with two bright colors in the pink/red/blue/purple/green/yellow families or two soft, muted neutrals. This Fuchsia Blouse colorblocked perfectly with these Cobalt Blue Cropped Pants that hadn't been worn since early Summer. So, on a rather warmer Fall Day I wore this Happy Outfit this October. The Taupe+Purple Colorblocked Ballet Flats were perfect for this ensemble. I kept the Jewelry Fun with my Pearl+Crystal Earrings, Pearl Necklace and Crystal Bracelet. And once again I am carrying my MK Red Bag since I wore this to work. What do you think? Isn't Hot Pink or Fuchsia and Cobalt Blue a perfect pair to colorblock?
Dangly Earrings w/ Black Crystal Square Stone & Circle Pearl: White House Black Market (similar, love these), (similar, great deal, love these), (gorgeous option by Betsey Johnson, on sale).
Minty Metallic, Real Pearls: Borrowed from my Mother-in-Law (similar fresh-water pearls, love these), (classic pearls, great deal, love these(, (similar, Splurge).
Hot Pink, Patent Leather Strap Watch w/ Silver Rhinestone Face & 2 Pink Rhinestone, Floating Hearts inside: An Accessories Boutique in Albania (very similar), (similar Hello Kitty, best deal),(similar, Kate Spade option, love this), (MK gorgeous fuchsia option, love this).
Blue Crystal, Beaded, 4-strand Bracelet w/ Large Crystal Ball hanging: Viggos (New) (similar by Swarovski, best deal), (gorgeous option by Carolee, great deal), (similar cuff by Swarovski, love this).
Fuchsia, Silky Blouse w/ 3/4-Length Puffy Sleeves: Old Navy (very similar w/ fun chevron pocket, love this), (similar in soft pink, love this), (similar chiffon blouse, on sale).
Cobalt Blue, Skinny Cropped Pants: Calliope (very similar), (similar, in many colors + prints).
Large, Red Leather Handbag w/ Gold Hardware: Michael Kors (New) (same), (very similar), (similar 1), (similar 2).

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