Friday, October 24, 2014

Hot Pink Tweed Pencil Skirt - 5 Ways.

Welcome to the 3rd day of me wearing Pink, co-hosting Blogging for Breast Cancer AWearNess with Amy while still saying sane. I say that with a positive spirit, since it has been a crazy last couple of days and with all that I have going on, I got a little anxious yesterday, which resulted in very low blood pressure, some high fever and a little panic attach for me. It was due to Vivian changing day-cares. Also, the significant temperature drop in our weather (it was definitely time to wear a coat, a scarf and even gloves yesterday) had a lot to do with it, besides all else that is going on in my busy life. I feel much better today.

I had plans to post a Fresh Outfit (with some Pink of course) featuring a Graphic Tee today, but by the time I edited the pictures and since I am already late in my posting today, I ditched it. One of these days I will schedule my posts (at least some) ahead, one of these days. Instead my Pink Item today is my Hot Pink, Tweed, Pencil Mini Skirt which is a closet workhorse for me, especially when it comes to my Work Wardrobe. I also included this Skirt in my recent 30 for 30 challenge. I was actually able to create 4 Outfits with it (2 of which are shown below in this post) during the 30X30 challenge. The other 2 haven't made it to the blog yet, because my lap-top broke a couple of weeks ago and all those pictures are there.

1. Hot Pink+White Monochrome.
This is the first time my Hot Pink Tweed Pencil Mini Skirt appeared on the blog. I styled it like this for a (possible) Work Look as part of another Remix Challenge (where I showed you all 7 ways to wear a Sleeveless White Button-down Shirt). I ended up loving this look where the Long Striped Cardigan ties in together the Pink of the Skirt and the White of the Shirt.

2. Hot Pink+Cobalt+Black Lace.
I started teaching a couple of English classes to kids and a Marketing class to adults, just last month and this was one of the first Outfits I wore to teach. It is Polished, Bright, Happy and Elegant. It might be my Favorite Outfit featuring this Hot Pink Tweed Skirt.

3. Hot Pink+Polka Dots.
I wore this Outfit for a Job Interview. It is Simple, Classy and Chic with the High-neck, White+Black Polka Dot Blouse, which adds a little interest and shows my personality, and with Black Patent Leather Pumps which are Timeless and Classic.

4. Hot Pink+Black+Leopard.
Here I paired the Skirt with a Silky Leopard Shell and added an Open, Belted, Elbow-Sleeve Black Cardigan over it. I wore this to a Dinner Out with a couple of Girlfriends and since I had Vivian with me and she was very young then, I opted for Flat Sandals (mine are a light cognac, almost nude color) rather than Heels. I do feel this Outfit would look better with heels or wedges, though.

5. Hot Pink+Denim+Pinstripes+Sequins.
This was a second Work Outfit I created during my late Summer/early Fall 30 for 30 challenge that I did. I love how I combined different textures and layered here between the Denim Vest, Off-White Sequined Tank and the Periwinkle-Pinstriped Shirt. It all worked.

So, which one of these 5 Outfits is your favorite and why? Do you own a Hot Pink Pencil Skirt or a Pencil Skirt in another Bright Color? How have you worn it?

And to those of you who have linked up with us for Pink month - Thank You. Enjoy the Weekend!

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