Friday, October 3, 2014

Fashion Item Friday - PINK! (And Co-Hosting).

Hello Everyone. This Friday is a little special. I am co-hosting Fashion Item Friday with the Lovely, Sassy, Funny, Stylish, Bold and Brave RENAE of Simple Sequins. I am honored and blessed that she chose me as her co-host today. So, today I'm taking a break from my 30 for 30 (I did actually post 30 Outfits altogether, but I have quite a few more to show you). Instead, in honor of Renae's Breast Cancer and since it is October which means Pink Month or Breast Cancer Month, I am showing you guys a few Favorite Outfits within the last year, where I am wearing Pink. Enjoy and please link with us here. And use the button below if you like. Happy TGIF!!

A Fun Work Look to wear for Valentine's day.
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A Casual, Mom Outfit on a cold, rainy day.
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A Pink Monochromatic Look for Fall.
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A Beautiful Hot Pink Dress with Silver Crystals in a very inexpensive way.
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A very Bright, Colorblocked, Casual Summer Outfit.
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Pink Floral Leggings, Pink Loafers and Black Tunic on a day spent running errands with Vivian.
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Thank you all for stopping by today and for linking up.
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P.S. Once again I am linking up with Amy for her Blogging for Breast Cancer Link-up. I am also linking with Allison, Biana, Erin, Jo-Lynne, Lauren, Leeann, Lena, Renae, Sarah and Tara.

And I will continue with the next Outfit of the 30 for 30, tomorrow. =) Stay tuned!!