Tuesday, August 12, 2014

June 2014 Reflections and Top 3 Looks.

Since it is already mid of August, I might as well show you guys my top favorite looks from the month of June (very late I know). I love recapping my months in blogging, as time-consuming as these posts are.  

June was yet another very busy month for me. All in all there were 23 posts and I was able to show you a total of 20 Fresh Outfits. There were 4 two-fer posts. In the month of June I also started my "Mom Wear to Work Wear" series where I first styled my Nude Ruffle Tank. 7 posts (some of which were style-related) did not show any OOTDs. I started the month with a Special Vivian Post since June 1st is our National Children's Day, but in general she didn't appear too often on the blog. I also showed you a 2-part recap of my Spring 30 for 30 Challenge that I did. I even showed you a recipe which I hope you liked. And in my Real Blogger Beauty post I shared tidbits about my life and what my day-to-day activities are. In the month of June you saw several Summer Staple Pieces such as Dresses, Shorts, Tank Tops + Tees and Skirts. There were a couple of Dressier Outfits showing my Pencil Skirts (which happened to be some of my Favorite Top Looks of the month, as you can see).

I continued my Collaboration with Amy Ann where we continued to show you our Spring Must Haves and even did a Final Style Recap where I showed you my Favorite Looks of Amy's during this series. It was a great and successful series and I loved collaborating with her. Other than this collaboration and me starting the "Mom Wear to Work Wear" series where I style the same outfit two ways (changing up the accessories) or the same article of clothing two ways, it was a pretty quiet June.

Below are the Top 3 Looks in my order of liking them. And the other 4 looks are in no particular order. Which 2-3 Outfits were your favorites and why?

1. Hot Pink Tweed Pencil and Ivory Polka Dot Ruffle Blouse.
I wore this Outfit for a Job Interview. It was a Simple Pencil Skirt + Blouse + Black Pumps but the details on the blouse made it interesting. Some Red Lipstick and  Drop Earrings were all the Accessories I needed.

2. Floral Pencil, Nude Tank and Bright Green Blazer.
This was the "Work Look" for the first edition of the "Mom to Work Wear" series that I did and I ended up loving this look. The Nude/Neutral Colors of the Skirt go well with the Nude Tank and the Sophisticated Green Blazer brings out the Green from the Floral Print of the Skirt.
3. Denim Cut-offs and Nude Chiffon+Knit, Shimmer Blouse.
First time this Summer I wore my Denim Cut-offs which I love. I dressed them up a little bit with this New Blouse which is knitted in Gold Shimmer in the front with a chiffon back and chiffon sleeves.

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