Monday, June 2, 2014

April 2014 Reflections and Recap of the 30 for 30 Challenge with Top 3 Looks.

Today is June 2nd and I finished my 30 for 30 Spring Challenge hmmm a month ago on May 3rd. So this review and recap for this challenge and my Top 3 Looks from April (including the looks up to May 3rd, since they were part of the challenge) is quite late this time. But I have had a very busy Birthday month this past May, and I took 2 days off blogging pretty much every week. I say, better late than never.

On April 1st I started with the challenge where I first showed you all 30 pieces I selected and stipulated that I would wear my Nude Pumps and Rain Boots if necessary. I also mentioned that Puffer Vests and Winter Jackets such as Leather Jackets or Coats wouldn't count. I was able to actually create 35 Outfits worn in 30 days. Truth be told there were 38 but 3 ended up not being photographed not because I disliked them or hated them but one time Vivian managed to get a huge stain on my Chambray Shirt, other times I ran short on time or Vivian was sick so I couldn't really snap a few pictures, so that was that. Due to 35 Outfits in a 30-day time-frame, I had to shove quite a few two-fer posts your way. In April I posted 28 times but 3 of those times were not related to the challenge. 

On a future soon-to-come post, I will break down the number of each piece worn, as well as tell you what I learned about this challenge. I will probably post it along my May Budget post. For now, let's look at the Challenge's Best and Worst Looks. I usually pick a Top 3 Looks (plus a few other Favorite Looks, in no order, worn in a given month) and a 1 Least Favorite Look, but I am being more thorough and harsh with this challenge so instead you get 3 Most Favorite Looks (and 5 other that are favorites, but listed in no particular order) and 3 Least Favorite Looks.

Top 3 (and more) Looks:
Hands down my Most Favorite Look of this challenge involved my Cobalt Pencil Skirt and Red Portofino Shirt (famous by Express) paired with this Denim Jacket. I love how both the Skirt and the Shirt are so Bright yet color-block beautifully. This look is totally Americana with a Nautical feel, especially since I added a Gold Chain Necklace to it. It is very Simple but Well Done! I'd give it an A+!! Perfect to link up today with Katie+Co. for Skirts Week.
This was a special Outfit worn on a Fun Date Night for the Visual Arts and Books. It was another Outfit I planned in my head first (LOL!!) but in which case it totally worked. The combination of the Tougher Faux Leather+Plaid Pencil Skirt with the Softer Fitted Lace Tee was great. I felt Chic, Sophisticated, Sexy and 100% Woman in this. I added the Nude Pumps because they seriously go with everything and matched the Nude Lace Tee to perfection!
The Owl Sweater was such a great purchase for me last Fall. I am glad I included it in this Challenge. Paired with the Navy Skinny Pants and the Wedges and topped with the Bright Yellow Vest it totally looked Cute, Fun, Bright and Happy. I am glad I added some Yellow Jewelry also. You could definitely see the Bow-Tie on the Owl much better with all this Yellow. I know I have "repeated" this Outfit before and similar Outfits to this have made my Top Looks on previous months. But when it works it works - simple as that.

Which brings me to my Most Favorite piece to remix - my Cobalt Blue Pencil Skirt. I created 5 Outfits with it and loved EVERY SINGLE ONE. I could have easily paired this Skirt with any of the Tops, Cardigans or Blazers I had included. I could have even worn it over the 2 Dresses (making them into Tops). Seriously, this Bold and Bright Skirt can do no wrong! I am not shocked that 2 of the looks created with this skirt, made it in these 8 looks above. Easy pieces to remix were: the Black Skinny Jeans, Brown Cords (surprisingly), the Blue Jeans (they always are easy to remix!!) the Red Portofino Shirt, the Cobalt Plaid Button-down (I even wore it once on reverse), the Gray Owl Sweater, the Lace Tee, the Denim Jacket and the Silver Jacket (which also surprised me). I found the Silver Wedges and Polka Dot Pointy Flats the easiest Shoes to remix, considering the pieces I had selected as clothes. No wonder a lot of these pieces made up my Most Favorite Looks as well: Red Portofino, Cobalt Skirt, Denim Jacket, Silver Wedges and Black Skinny Jeans all shown above twice. I also loved remixing my Red Plaid + Faux Leather Pencil Skirt and 2 of those remixes made my Top Looks.

Bottom 3 Looks:
OK, so this Outfit is totally my Least Favorite. I pictured it in my head and it looked much nicer but in real-life as well as in pictures it translated horrible. The combination of the Dark Colors, the Pointy Oxfords and the 2 Loose Layers over each-other totally ages me. This is one look for someone at least in their 50s, I think. I sort of look at this and feel like Mary Poppins (minus the huge purse). Something I will definitely never repeat again.
Another least Favorite look with this same Sweatshirt. Once again I pictured it knotted over my Orange Tee but I didn't get the results I would have wanted. The Brown and Orange Colors compliment each-other though. By recapping this challenge I am finding that this Sweatshirt looks much better if I layered something over it than under it. Because it has a hi-lo hem plus it is supposed to fit a little loose.
There is nothing wrong with this Outfit as far as it doesn't look bad. But it is quite a yawn, which translates into boring, especially for a Fashion Blogger. It is just Blue Jeans tucked into Boots and a Cardigan buttoned-down. At least the Cardigan has some Polka Dots. I'll tell you what though, sometimes boring Outfits are OK in my book, as long as they look nice and proper - which this does.

So, my Least Favorite piece to remix (you guessed it) - the Tiger Sweatshirt. I did manage to create 4 Outfits with this Sweatshirt because I pushed myself to utilizing it, since I knew when I included it this was a wild piece. Like I said above, I much rather prefer the Outfits where I layered a Completer piece over it, like with the Puffer Vest or the Black Blazer. They are not my most favorite outfits I have ever done, but they are not too shabby. I don't regret purchasing this Statement piece though because I think worn with Jeans, Simple Pants or Leggings is fine for a casual day running errands close by. Some pieces that I found difficult to remix were the Burnt Orange Graphic Tee, the White Graphic Tee (surprisingly), the Black Shirt-Dress (very surprised about this), the Brown Silk Blouse and the Polka Dot Cardigan. Also, for shoes my Cognac Boots which I thought would be super versatile and smart to include, were indeed the ones I found harder to remix or reach for. Unfortunately the Tiger Sweatshirt and the Cognac Boots made it twice into Looks I hated; the Dotted Cardigan, Orange Tee and Black Shirt-Dress all made it once, as well.
So, which are your 2-3 Favorite Looks I created during this Challenge? What do you think of my Least Favorite Looks? Stay tuned for part 2, including my May Budget Post all about what I bought in May.

Happy Monday you All!! Enjoy this new week and the new month!!

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