Thursday, May 22, 2014

Splurge vs. Save: Turquoise, Bow, Floppy Hat.

Good Morning Ladies. Today's Post is a little different. First, I was contacted by The Credit Card Insider to write up a Splurge vs. Save Post about an item I scored that is very similar or almost identical to another item I coveted. The Insider Blog's Mantra is all about being a responsible shopper while using your credit cards. You don't want to deal with high bills at the end of the month which you might not be able to pay off and then you have to pay all the extra credit card fees associated with the bills. I have been there before guys, I never want to be there again. =) So, the item I saved on was my Turquoise Bow Floppy Hat. This post is also about a Hi-Lo Summer Dress that I received to Style a couple of different ways and do a review on, from a Local Boutique. The Dress is from the New Spring line by H&M. I combined both the Floppy Hat and the Dress in the very Colorful Outfit you see today, which would be the Perfect Outfit to wear for an Equestrian Race. 
First of all, every time I visit Nordstrom there are two departments that I could be lost at all day: Shoes and Hats. They always have a very large, beautiful collection of each. Though I do own a couple of Floppy Hats purchased for cheap at stores like Forever 21, they are mostly for the Beach or Summer Vacations. For the longest time I wanted a Beautiful, Dressy, Girly Floppy Hat in a Turquoise Color. I associate Turquoise with Summer so I thought the Color would be perfect. I wanted my Hat to be Wide Brim, in a Nice Straw material, not too heavy or too light, featuring either a Bold Flower like a Rose or a Bold Bow on the back. I would probably use such a Hat for an Outdoors Summer Wedding, a Tea Party or a Racing Event (I have gone to a couple of those). The two hats below (both from Nordstrom) are the two I was coveting, but I am not one to spend $70 on a Floppy Hat, let alone $100. The very similar hat that I am wearing was $9. Brand-New Hat for 9 bucks - a great purchase for me! And I must say for the price, the quality is really good, because I have already worn it a couple of times and gotten compliments on it. It is a pretty thick straw material and the Gorgeous Bow on the back is in a thick linen+burlap blend ribbon.

As far as the Hi-Lo Dress, it was lent to me by a Local Boutique to style a couple of different ways for Summer. So you will be seeing it again on the blog, styled differently. The Dress is like a Modern Watercolor. The print resembles pixel images and it is mostly Hot Pink, Black + White. But there are other Colors on the Dress like Greens, Yellows and Blues which I picked up through my Accessories. I like that the Dress is a Midi length but features the still-popular Hi-lo hem. There is a fun Asymmetric Ruffle going across the bust area. It is definitely a Bold Dress, even for me LOL. For the first styling I did, I went the "More is More" route by piling the Bright Neon Bracelets, adding a Necklace and wearing some Rainbow-Striped Espadrille Wedges that bring out each color of the Dress. Of course I added the Floppy Hat since this would be as an Outfit for a Horse Racing Event (I am actually going to one in June and will be wearing a Similar Outfit, myself). Have you ever been to a Horse Race? What would you wear? Do you own a Big Floppy Hat? How did I style this Outfit? Let me know.
Multi-Colored, Hi-lo, Asymmetric Summer Dress w/ Ruffle: c/o (borrowed by) a Local Boutique, H&M (identical + an excellent price), (similar in floral), (similar in red chiffon), (similar in colorful chiffon).
Turquoise-Teal, Wide-Brim, Floppy Hat w/ Large Bow on the Back: A Local Boutique (very similar, SPLURGE), (similar, SAVE), (similar 2).
Pink, Floral-Green & Lavender, Plastic Beaded Necklace: A Local Boutique. (similar, SAVE), (similar, SPLURGE), (longer option, love this), 
1 Magenta/Fuchsia & 1 Turquoise, Stretchy, Triangle+Small Circle Beaded Bracelet: American Fashion & Jewelry.
Neon Yellow Chain Rubber Bracelet: A $1.00 Boutique (New).
Real Leather Turquoise, Logo Wallet/Small Clutch: Bebe (similar, on sale), (similar, SAVE), (similar, SPLURGE).
Hot Pink, Multi-Colorful Stripped Wedge Espadrilles: Payless (very similar, SAVE), (similar + great deal, love these), (similar, SPLURGE).

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