Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mommy and Daughter in Bright Colors, Polka Dots and Neon Splashes.

This is a photo from my second Mother's Day next to my Beautiful Daughter who is now a Toddler (still a baby though in many ways), before going out as a family. =)
Speaking of Vivian, my Sister-in-law found out about a little contest about the Most Beautiful Child and she insisted I submit Vivian's photo for it. It is a fun, little contest going on right now in honor of National Children's Day which is on June 1st. All we had to do is submit a photo of Vivian through a Facebook page and the picture that get the most likes will win. The prize is a painting portrait of the child by a very talented, well-known artist. So, this is the first time ever I am asking this kind of favor, but if you have a Facebook account, please click on the link I provided below and press Like on my Vivian's photo. Thanks so much. I appreciate all the support. =)

So this the Outfit is from Mother's Day - May 11th 2014. I am so glad I finally wore this Dress which I purchased around May or June last year but had yet to wear. I spent most of my Summer and some of the Fall in MI and I didn't pack anything for my trip since I have 2 whole closets of clothes to wear, when I am there. Therefore this Dress was not worn. It was purchased for like 40% off. I was looking for a Polka Dot Dress and what's unique about this Navy+White one is those bright strips of Neon Colors across the chest and the skirt. It looks like someone paint-brushed them on the dress. The Neon Statement Necklace I chose matches those strips perfectly. I am also wearing my New Green Blazer doing a tiny bit of pattern-mixing between the polka dots and the pinstripes from the lining of the Blazer (shown through the cuffs). Actually the Dress, Blazer and Necklace coincidentally come from the same store - a little Local Boutique I have come to love and shop a lot at, the last couple of years. These Gorgeous, Modern-day Mary Jane Pumps (in the softest Suede Leather) had been long ignored in my pile of Heels and Pumps. This special day called for them and they mix and match well with the Blazer and the Bag which is a little lighter shade of Teal and also looks like Suede. This Outfit was perfect for the Neon trend today at Spotlight Weekly (linking up). Last but never least, my Beautiful Vivian wore a brand-new Outfit for the day matching Mommy in Bright Colors and Polka Dots, as well as her Own Hot Pink Mary Janes. She is always my Most Favorite, Prettiest Accessory. =) Isn't she? How do you like Our Outfits? Do you own a Polka Dot Dress?
Light Peach Bangle w/ Silver Beads twisted around a Silk RibbonA Local Boutique.
Light Orange, Round-face, Quartz Watch: Gift from My Husband (New).
Silver, Pave Ring w/ tiny Silver Stones & big Square Ruby in the middle: A Local Boutique.
Real Gold Wedding Band and Real Gold+Diamond Engagement Ring: From My Husband.
Silver Ring w/ Square Blue Stone in the middle surrounded by 3 tiny Silver Stones on each side: Kohl's.
Teal Green, Faux Alligator Bag w/ Camel trimming: A Boutique in Albania.
Teal-Green, Suede, Multi-Strappy, Mary Jane Pumps: Nine West.
It looks like Vivian is saying to me: "Mom, I got you. Enough with the pictures. Let me drink my water." LOL
Navy+White, Polka Dot Sleeveless Sheath Dress w/ Neon Splashes (comes with the Black Belt): A Local Boutique (New).
Emerald Green Blazer w/ Silver+Black Pinstriped Silk Lining: A Local Boutique (New).
Neon Orange, Neon Yellow & Neon Green-Stone, Statement Necklace: A Local Boutique.
Lavender, Sparkly, Mini Globe Stud Earrings: c/o a Local Accessories Boutique (New).
Green, Metallic, Small Hair Claw: Random Street Vendor.

Vivian's Outfit:
Turquoise, Graphic "Cat" Tunic w/ White Sleeves: Falls Creek Baby.
Hot Pink Leggings w/ White Polka Dots (come w/ the Tunic as a Set): Falls Creek Baby.
Turquoise, Tulle Hair Bow w/ Swiss Dots: Wal Mart.
White Cotton Socks w/ Lace Trim: Wal Mart.
Hot Pink Mary Janes w/ Multi-Colored Chiffon Flowers: Target.

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Happy Thursday My Friends and Thanks for voting for My Vivian!!

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