Wednesday, April 9, 2014

8 of 30: Striped Dress with Coral Cardigan, Polka Dot Flats and Floral Scarf.

Welcome to another Outfit from my 30 for 30 Challenge. If you are new here, for the first time ever, this month of April I am remixing my closet by wearing 30 Outfits with 30 items of clothing (including shoes but excluding Puffy Vests or Outter-wear Jackets). Here are the items I chose to remix. How have I done so far? Your feedback is much appreciated. =)

This is my second Dress (I am finally wearing) from the items I chose. It is a T-Shirt style Dress with Classic Black+White Stripes in two different widths and a little Cobalt Color-blocking for some variety. I got it a few months ago, on clearance at Express and just like all of their Knit Dresses or T-Shirts it is quite comfy. I almost wish I got the Medium (for length) but it was too loose for me overall. At 5.7'' and with my long legs, this Dress feels a little short, but as a Stay-at-Home Mom for Coffee, Grocery Shopping and some little errands close to home isn't bad. I didn't mean to wear Orange 3 days in a row either (this same Sweater with a Black Shirt-dress the day before, or yesterday's Graphic Tee paired with Leather), but it just happened to be that way. I am posting each Outfit in their chronological order, by the way. For some mild Pattern-mixing, I added just one of my many New Scarves from this Spring. This was given to me by a Local Boutique (along 2 other Scarves). I love that it is Floral and in such pretty Colors too. Perfect for Floral Week which I am linking to. What do you think of this Outfit? Are Stripes OK to mix with Florals and Polka Dots? I think it's fine as long as one Pattern stands out. My other 2 Patterns are through the Accessories.
Pros: It is a Spring Outfit. The Mixing of Colors (Black, White, Coral, Cobalt & Lavender) worked out. It was very easy to wear and very comfortable.
Cons: Some of the photos are a little blurry and out of focus (these were taken with the old camera, again - sorry).
Black+White Striped (w/ Cobalt), Boat-neck, Cotton, T-Shirt Dress: Express.
Coral, 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan w/ Silver Buttons: White House Black Market.
Lavender, Coral + Pink, 100% Silk, Floral Scarf: c/o A Local Accessories Boutique.
Purple, Square, Multi-Faceted Stud Earrings: Bijoux & Accessories.
Silver, Pave Ring w/ tiny Silver Stones & big Square Ruby in the middle: A Local Boutique.
2-in-1 Silver Ring w/ 2 Silver Circle Stones & 1 Oval Cognac Stone: White House Black Market.
Real Gold Wedding Band and Real Gold+Diamond Engagement Ring: From My Husband.
Red, Cotton-Stretchy Pencil Skirt w/ tiny White Polka Dots: Bebe.
Neutral Sunglasses: Borrowed from My Sister-in-Law.
Navy+White, Suede Leather, Pointy Toe Ballet Flats: Gap.

And for the first time ever I am linking up with Nora & Megan for their Inspiration Monday which this week was a B+W Striped Dress (worn by January Jones whom I love). Every woman should own a B+W Striped Dress. I have a Winter version, too. =)