Sunday, March 30, 2014

800th Post and a Winter Sweater.

This week has been pretty cold (however today it got warm and I broke out a Skirt without Tights) and I have shown you lots of Sweaters this week already, so I figured why not one more? I decided to wear this Orange-Red Fair Isle Sweater once more before packing it away for next Winter. I paired it with my New Black Faux Fur Shrug (or is it a Vest) c/o Bershka, Simple Dark Skinny Jeans (you all know I adore and wear this pair from The Limited, a lot), my Brown Oxford Booties and layered both a Long Necklace and a short one, one Red and the other White to bring out the Colors of the Sweater. I think in retrospect that my Winter White Faux Fur Vest would look better but I really wanted to wear this New Black one and the fact that it is cropped gives it sort of a different layered look, than a regular Vest. What do you think?
Orange-Red, Pine Cone & Hearts Sweater: Koton (New).
Black, Faux Fur Shrug/Vest: c/o Bershka (New).
Dark Navy, Skinny Blue Jeans w/ Zippered Ankles: The Limited.
Long, Red, Plastic-Beaded Necklace: c/o a Custom Jewelry Store (New).
Dainty Silver Chain Necklace w/ White Glass Stone: Gifted from Turkey, from a Friend (New).
Real Gold & Diamonds, Fine Jewelry, Tiny Hoops: Lord & Taylor.
Black, Classic, Plastic Sunglasses: Ray Ban.
Brown, Patent Leather & Faux Suede, Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.

As I was posting this Sunday, I realized that this is my 800th post. I have never actually written before about any milestone posts, I guess I haven't noticed when I posted my 300th, my 500th, my 700th or whatever. 800 is a lot of posts. And this comes at the end of March 2014 which is kind of cool because I actually started this blog on March 2010, so it has been 4 years. But I actually didn't really kick things off for the blog, until January 2012. My life has been through so many changes in 4 years. I changed continents for one and that alone is a huge challenge and life alteration. Of course my style has changed a ton from working in a real corporate business office wearing Pencil Skirts, Dresses, Blouses, Button-downs and Suits every day (and due to being extremely busy, never having time to take everyday OOTD photos and posting them), to working in a business-casual environment where Jeans are allowed on Fridays, to wearing Flats, Riding Boots, Jeans, Leggings and Shorts every day as a Stay-at-Home Mom. 

And speaking of being a Mom - that is by far the most important and the best change of all. To say that Vivian has changed my life is the understatement of the decade. This is mostly a Style/Fashion Blog but this blog has become a lot about Vivian too. You guys have seen her grow up before your eyes, for the past 14 months. In 800 posts, I know there have been at least 800 outfits. There have been some that have been complete failures - that I am sure of - others who have been so-so, some that were just OK and of course some really good ones. But I am who I am. My style and where I shop, represents me. My style (just like everything else in life) may not please many or may not be the cup of tea for everyone, and that's OK. My style has changed through these 4 years but so has my life style. In essence I am still me and I'd like to think I grow a little bit each month, as a person. As I have stayed home and cooked more and more lately, I should  start posting about my cooking here. Nothing too fancy, simple, easy dishes that are good. I have actually even remembered to take some photos of the meals I have cooked before. So as I mix ingredients, try out recipes and make up new dishes along the way, I must include at least 1-2 food/cooking posts a month. After all I love food and I enjoy cooking AND eating. And of course in April, I am remixing my closet by wearing just 30 items of clothes in 30 days, so stay tuned for that. 

So here is to more milestones for this blog and for life in general. Life truly is good. And every day I am reminded to find reasons to love my life and to take everything with a grain of salt. As always, Thank You for reading and for commenting and giving constructive criticism. My blog is a little one but I like that this way I have built some great blogging and buddy relationships with several of you. Thank you for stopping by here and reading about my life and witnessing my outfits: the great, the good, the bad and the ugly. Have a Great Sunday Evening and Enjoy the New Week!! Hard to believe that April will be here in less than 2 days.