Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New Aztec Cardigan and Lavender Remix.

I bet I fooled you into thinking I am wearing a Lavender Dress where in actuality I am wearing this Sweater tucked into this Pencil Skirt,which I didn't want to neglect any longer. It is one of my Most Favorite Skirts but it hasn't been worn in a year. I knew I wanted to pair these pieces with my New Open Cardigan I got for 70% off and paid $10 for. I cannot decide whether the print of it is Aztec or Fair Isle but for sure I have decided that I love it: print, fit, colors. To play off with the brownish-taupe and burgundy-magenta of the Cardigan, all of my Accessories play well into the mix. They are not quite the same colors, for example the Necklace is Red & the Hat is Fuchsia but they all sort of go together, mixing+matching beautifully. What do you think of this Outfit? Do you like my New Cardigan? Is it Aztec or Fair Isle Print to you?
I wanted to show you the detailing on these New Tights (courtesy of a Local Boutique). They are Burgundy and have sort of a Ribbon Lace Stripe off each side and Tiny Polka Dots, in Gray.
3/4-Sleeve, Light, Lavender Sweater, w/ Buttons across the Sleeves: The Limited.
Lilac, Sexy Pencil Skirt: London Girl Boutique.
Brown, Burgundy+Gray, Fair Isle, Open Cardigan: Sublevel (New).
Burgundy, Patent Leather, Faux Ostrich, Skinny Belt: White House Black Market.
Long, Red, Plastic-Beaded Necklace: c/o a Custom Jewelry Store (New).
Magenta, Large-Beaded, Plastic Drop Earrings: A Local Boutique.
Hot Pink, Wool, French Beret: A Boutique in Albania.
Burgundy+Gray, Patterned, Dotted Tights: c/o A Hosiery Boutique (New).
Taupe-Charcoal, Over-the-Knee Boots: Purchased in Tirana.

P.S. Due to being busy and so tired yesterday I couldn't post and this post today is coming in a day too late for Trendy Tuesday with Danielle which was Pastels. She is rocking Pastels two days in a row, yesterday and today. Also linking up with Sarah, Lindsey, Melaina, Alison, Shanna and Tara.