Sunday, March 9, 2014

February 2014 Purchases.

This post of last month's shopping/budget is coming quite late this week due to 1) waiting on a couple of my items to arrive in the mail and 2) been very busy. I finally got around to it. You can read my Fashion Reflections of February, here. And you can read what I got in January, here.

So, what did I get in February? All in all there are 24 items (the 2 not pictured both c/o, are a Scarf & a Sweatshirt). These 24 items costed me $228. I had a $50 Gift Card I used and I also sold $25 worth of Clothes so my revised total would be $153 which is still a lot. I tried to break it down with prices for you, but because I do my shopping in chunks/bunches usually, it is hard to have an itemized list. This month I was attracted to lots of Tiger & Houndstooth. 6 Animal-Printed items total: the Black Tiger Sweatshirt which has Houndstooth quilted shoulders, the Fuchsia Tiger Sweater, the Leopard V-Neck Cardigan, the Houndstooth Dress & the Houndstooth Blazer. This doesn't surprise me since I love Leopard and Houndstooth out of all Animal Prints, the most.
I added 6 New Tops last month, totaling $107. There are 3 Sweatshirts/Sweaters on the top Collage: Leopard Cardigan, Rose Sweater & Tiger Sweatshirt. I have yet to wear these but I plan on wearing them this week and not neglecting them any longer. There are 3 Blouses on the bottom Collage, all of them are Dressy, Chiffon pieces. All 3 of them have Embellished Collars. The Black+White Blouse (in the middle) was gifted to me from Koton, as well as a Belt (you will see below). I have yet to wear the Turquoise Blouse but I have worn the B+W one twice (like the day before yesterday) and the Hot Pink Blouse I have worn 3 times already (like in this post).My favorite of the 3 though is the one I haven't worn - go figure.
There are 2 Dresses purchased on sale for a total of $56 and 2 pairs of Pants for BOGO for $10 (for both). I splurged a little on the Dresses - yest they are an awesome price, but I say "splurge" because the last thing I need is a New Dress LOL. These 2 Dresses fit me beautifully though. They are very Nice Sheaths that can be worn to Date Night or Work. I am currently looking for a job so I know I will be wearing these when I join the work force, again. I wanted a second pair of Olive Pants that were not ankle-length like the ones I own. Though this pair has cargo pockets too, they are a little lighter in color, longer in length and not quite fitted or skinny. The Dove Gray pair is similar to the Olive pair but a little more Utilitarian and Safari-like, in a Nice Neutral Color. I have worn both pairs already (more than once). You will see them on the blog soon. I have yet to wear the Dresses, though.
I went to "browse" at the same thrifting store where I purchased my 3 Gorgeous Puffer Vests last month and I found these 3 Great pieces there. They costed me $27 which is quite a bit more than what I'd like to spend for 3 items on a thrift store, but that thrift store is a little on the expensive side since it has brand-name, almost-new or new-with-tags clothes. I was able to sell 4 of my own pieces of clothing last month for $25 so I am considering this almost an even swap. I needed a Denim Jacket since I don't have one (hard to believe I know!!) so that is scratched off my to-buy list. I also wanted a Black+White Herringbone Blazer. The one I bought is a B+W Houndstooth one but it's very close to what I wanted. Plus, I forever love Houndstooth.  Both of these Jackets are practically new. The Sweater was a splurge. I wear a lot of Leggings & Skinny Pants and truth be told I could use more Tunic Tops or Long Sweaters like this.
So, I have been on a ring-shopping spree lately, especially Cocktail Rings (see last month's shopping too). I think I have pretty much something of any shape and color, now. These Gorgeous Cocktail Rings were purchased for $5 a piece at one of my Favorite Boutiques which is closing down (this is probably their last week). They usually retailed anywhere from $10-$40 each since some of them have semi-precious stones, so I think I got a deal on them. I love Rings like these especially for Spring/Summer. The Belts I thrifted 4 of them for $2 a piece (2 of which are Real Leather) while the very first Belt (on the Left) was given to me c/o Koton. The Braided Cognac Belt (second from the right) I also wore recently.

What did you buy last month? Did you stay on budget? Did you regret anything?

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