Thursday, March 6, 2014

The 6 Remix: Chambray Shirts Six Ways for Fall and Winter.

Normally on the 6th of each month I do the 6 Remix. I actually was going to remix one favorite piece of clothing into 6 Outfits, to show you today. And truth be told I did remix it and even wore 5 out of the 6 Outfits in real life (including the Outfit I wore this morning). But it has been a very, very busy week for me with very little sleep to boot. And today has been an even busier day. Therefore I wasn't able to edit all the photos from all 6 Outfits (that alone takes over an hour guys) and create that fresh post for you today. I am a human being after all and most of the times I don't see this blog as a chore, or I don't let it become one. 
So, I am not skipping the 6 Remix after all today. Instead I am going to show you a Favorite Piece of Clothing (like I was supposed to anyway) but pull back from my archives. I will have to use archives of past Outfits every now and then. I hope you don't mind. There is a purpose to this: remixing your (in this case my) closet. Today, I am showing you 6 ways I have worn my Chambray Shirts. 

As of Summer of 2013 I owned no Chambray Shirts to my name and now I have 5 and am even eyeing one more. I have worn 4 out of the 5 I own. You have yet to see my Anchor-printed, Chambray Button-up. The 2 Chambray Shirts I have worn the most which I consider work-horses in my wardrobe are my Light Blue one and my Medium Blue one with Polka Dots. They were both purchased from Meijer's, for a Buy One, Get one 50% Off Sale and they are the "Wallflower" Brand. Not a very special brand, no Gap, no J. Crew, not even Old Navy. They are very nicely made though, quite a good quality for the price, they fit me perfectly and they seriously go with everything. I decided to show you 3 Fall Looks and 3 Winter Looks and of course showing each Shirt in 3 Outfits, makes sense. The masterful Remixer that I am, from these 6 Outfits you will even see 2 pairs of Pants remixed twice and my Woven, Skinny, Cognac Belt has made it into 3 Outfits.
The 6 Remix: Chambray Shirts Six Ways for Fall and Winter.
(To make the collage bigger, just click on the picture, to see each outfit side by side.)

1.Light Blue Chambray "Canadian Tuxedo Style" with Turquoise Accessories. My first Chambray in this remix is paired with Acid-wash Jeans, a Statement Turquoise Bib Necklace, a Turquoise Bow Headband and my Navy w/ White Polka Dots, Pointy Ballet Flats. A very Simple yet Sophisticated Casual Outfit.
2. Polka Dot Chambray Shirt with Navy+White Plaid Skirt. This is the first time I wore my Polka Dot Chambray and I love how I styled it. I am so proud of this Outfit and it ended up being my #1 Favorite of October 2013. This one is Monochromatic since it is Blue+White pretty much, yet it mixes Polka Dots with Plaid which are both two very Hot Patterns at the moment (but as far as I am concerned they are always Stylish).
3. Light Blue Chambray paired with Gray Sweatshirt and Acid Jeans. This one was simple and sort of Monochromatic since the Jeans are also Blue. They have Light Blue on them just like the Shirt. The Heather Gray Sweatshirt is Light-Colored enough to blend in for a Monochromatic effect. The only pop of Color are those Kelly Green, Pointy Ballet Flats.
4. Polka Dot Chambray with Ivory "Paris" Sweater, Black+White Printed Pants and Statement Necklace. This Outfit is Casual but totally Elegant and Put-together. The Magenta Necklace & Matching Earrings work some magic against the Dotted Collar of the Shirt. The Ivory Sweater brings out the White both from the Button-up and from the Pants. And of course I did some Pattern-mixing between the Geometric Print on the Pants and the Polka Dots on the Shirt.
5. Light Blue Chambray with Thick Brown Cardigan, Black+White Printed Pants and Statement Necklace. This Outfit definitely has the Warm Factor. That is a Cozy, Warm Cardigan. The Boots are super Casual and kept my feet dry from the Rain. The Hunter Green Statement Necklace with the Geometric-shaped Stones sort of mimics the Geometry of the Pants.
6. Polka Dot Chambray with Layers, Textures and Colors. This was a Colorful Winter Outfit that kept me warm, while I was bundled up. I felt Chic and Casual at the same time. And, with all the many (some quite bright) Colors: Mustard, Sky Blue, Magenta, Olive and Cognac, I felt like I was saying to Winter "I can kick your ass!!"
So, which are your 2 Favorite Outfits, one with each Chambray Shirt? Let me know. My Favorite ones are 1 & 2, hands down.

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