Thursday, February 6, 2014

The 6 Remix: Olive Green Pants Collaboration styled for Winter.

The 6 Remix is a way for me to remix my closet, every month on the 6th. I choose six pieces to remix into 6 different Outfits (not including Shoes or Accessories) or I choose one piece and style it 6 different ways. I skipped it last month due to being super busy after the Holiday season, while back on November 6th last Fall I had INGE of This Ever Evolving Life sub for me since I was flying from US to Europe and I had her do a Guest Post. She did such a great job that I asked her to join me again this month. 

We both own some Olive Green, Skinny Pants and I thought it was a great idea for us to remix them into 3 Casual Outfits & 3 Dressy Outfits. Inge, even remixed these same Pants when she did the 6 Remix for me. Since she is the Queen of Casual Chic, she put together 2 Casual Outfits and 1 Dressy one, while I did the opposite, today. We have also collaborated before styling our Tribal Old Navy Shorts. And, because Inge is such an inspiration to me, I even pinned and re-did a look of hers featuring the 'Infamous' Olive Green Pants. Needless to say they are a staple in both of our wardrobes. If you do not own a pair of Olive Green Pants (Skinny or Straight-legged) go get some. They seriously go with so much. I think we both did a good job with this challenge, showing you many versatile ways to remix a pair of Olive Green Pants. What do you think? Here is a collective post that shows you more ways I have styled my Olive Green Pants from Gap. =)

The 6 Remix: Olive Green Pants Collaboration styled for Winter.
(To make the collage bigger, just click on the picture, to see each outfit side by side.)
Before I concentrate on each of my own looks individually, I want to recap Inge's Outfits for a moment. For the Dressy Look, Inge paired her Olive Pants with a Classic White-Button-down and a Purple Cardigan. She has been rocking Purple lately and has shown us before too how well it pairs with Olive. But it is those Red+Gold Retro Pumps that are the star of the show - so to speak. This is my favorite look out of all 3. For her first Casual Outfit she dressed down that same Classic White Button-down with a Gray Sweatshirt which should be a staple on women's closets. She cuffed her Pants to show us her 'Tough Girl' Black Booties - so cute and I want to re-create. Last but not least she tried an Ikat Tee with her new Black Leather Moto Jacket and some Black Flats (clearly we both had Black Ballet Flats in mind), looking adorable for her business-casual job environment.
1. Paired with a Long, Nude Chiffon Button-down Shirt and a Skinny Nude Bow Belt.
This is probably the most Simple Look. While I played it pretty safe in just Olive+Nude/Beige it still works and is dressy enough for the Club, a date night or even for a business-casual workplace. My Long Gold Bow Necklace plays off the Skinny Bow Belt. You can never have too many bows. =)
Nude/Ivory, Long-Sleeve, Chiffon "Portofino" Shirt w/ Gold Studded Collar: Express (New).
Olive Green, Ankle-Length, Cargo, Skinny Pants: Gap.
Nude, Patent Leather, Bow Skinny Belt: White House Black Market.
Gold Button, "Channel" Logo, Stud Earrings: A Random Boutique (New).
Gold, Woven Chain, Long Necklace w/ Intricate Bow w/ Crystals: c/o a Local Boutique.
Hunter Green, Opaque Tights: Pompea (New).
Olive Green, Wedge, Oxford Booties: Old Navy.

2. Paired with a Turquoise Blouse, Red Corduroy Blazer and Multi-colored Stone Necklace.
This is the dressier look out of the two Dressy Outfits and also the Most Colorful. I am playing with Jewel tones here, pairing the Pants with a Turquoise Silk Blouse and my Raspberry Red Corduroy Blazer. The Gorgeous Multi-Colored Necklace from the Bauble Bar ties everything together. I also wore some Purple Studs and Black+Silver bling on my wrist. Since this is such a Colorful Look, Nude Peep-toe Cork Heels were perfect for it. I would wear this for a Hot Date even for upcoming Valentine's Day (it would work).
Turquoise, Scoop-neck, Loose, Bell-Sleeve, Silk Blouse: Express.
Cherry Red, Corduroy, Long-Sleeve Blazer: Old Navy.
Olive Green, Ankle-Length, Cargo, Skinny Pants: Gap.
Multi-Colored, Square-Stone, Statement Necklace in Jewel tones: c/o the Bauble Bar (New).
Purple, Square, Multi-Faceted Stud Earrings: Bijoux & Accessories.
Black, Navy &a Smoke, Crystal, Stretchy (2 strand) Bracelet w/ Large Stones: White House Black Market.
Peep-Toe, Cork w/ Gold Piping, Slingback Stilettos: Payless.

3. Paired with a B+W Striped Open Cardigan with a Matching Tank and Gingham Scarf.
For my Casual Look you have some Print-Mixing done involving my Flyaway Sweater Cardigan from White House Black Market with Matching Bejeweled Tank and the Square Navy+White Gingham Scarf. The Cardigan & Tank look Navy+White too but they are actually Black+White. I added some Black Ballet Flats and I was done.
Black+White Striped, Flyaway, Knit Cardigan: White House Black Market.
Black+White Striped, Stretchy Cotton Tank Top w/ Crystal Embellishments: White House Black Market.
Olive Green, Ankle-Length, Cargo, Skinny Pants: Gap.
Navy & White Gingham Scarf: Terra Nova.
Gold Button, "Channel" Logo, Stud Earrings: A Random Boutique (New).
Ultra-Suede & Patent Leather, Cap-Toe, Black Ballet Flats w/ Bow Ties: Jumbo.

And if you made it this far, I give you props. Thanks for reading. I stayed up two hours after midnight putting this together. That's DEDICATION!! I have been real sick yesterday so I couldn't earlier. Pray for me that I don't  have anything that bad, thank you. Going to the doctor's tomorrow for myself and Vivian. I will keep you posted with what is going on.