Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014 Reflections and Top 3 Looks.

Hi. I cannot believe it is already February 1st, which means the first month of 2014 is already gone. Where did it go? How did it go? How did we spend last month? What did we learn? How did we save? I bet these are questions on most minds these days. New month and I changed up my layout a little bit. Nothing drastic but I wanted a couple of pics from 2014 - makes sense.

I think one of my favorite posts to write on the blog - which I started doing last April - was choosing 3 Top/Favorite Looks from the previous month, and maybe a few more than 3 and reflect on them. I will continue doing that this year, choosing my Top 3 (and a few more) Looks, perhaps even a Least Favorite Look and even reflect a little bit on the previous month overall. I also want to start doing/writing my Shopping+Budget Posts. Since last month was a busy month for me shopping-wise, I will do that post separately, probably the following Monday.

Before choosing the Most Favorite Looks of January 2014, I want to say that last month was a great month for me personally and for us as a family because our Beautiful Princess Vivian turned 1 year old. On January 19th on a Sunday when it was her Birthday, I wrote this post about her and all the words came straight from my heart. Out of all 27 times I posted this January, that is by far my Most Favorite Post of the whole month, the same post who has the best photos, as well. Claire even picked it as one of her Favorite Posts for her Creative Mondays, that week. And speaking of Vivian, this year she will still continue to be a part of the blog. Every now and then I will post photos of her aside me when I do my Outfit Posts. I will try to update you on her at least once a month too, on Saturdays of course, since she is born on a Saturday. I don't take as many photos of her though, the main reason being because she doesn't sit still for a second and she doesn't care for pictures as much. When she was younger it was fun photographing her along my OOTD or us together, but lately that has been a challenge.

OK, so even-though I didn't blog every day in January, I was still able to show you 28 Outfits. I did have quite a few Posts recapping my 2013 Fashions and posts about Vivian, anticipating her first Birthday. Also, I continued my Collaboration with Laura and you can read the Finale and Recap of that collab. You can also link a Favorite Winter Piece here - the Link-up is open until Midnight on Tuesday February 4th. There were many Two-fer days for me in January and I even showed you 4 remix posts, in where the same item was remixed in two different ways, such as my Pine Cone Sweater and my Navy, Shimmery Sweater. The Colors I wore the most were Red, Green, Black and White. I think this is fitting since I had a lot of Holiday Outfits and coming off from the Holidays, too. My Olive Green Skinny Pants, my Dark Blue Skinny Jeans, my Plain Black Velvet Leggings and my B+W Polka Dot Velvet Leggings made several appearances in my Outfits last month, so did the Mustard Coat. My footwear of choice was mostly my Camel, Studded, Slouchy Boots, my Cognac Riding Boots or my Black+Leopard Sperry Loafers. I also wore my Gray Cowl-neck Sweater Dress & Black Military Blazer twice. Last but not least, there were a lot of Cold Weather Accessories such as Hats and especially Scarves.

Here are last month's Top Looks:

This marks my #1 Favorite from the Top 3 because it is Sexy but not at all Vulgar, Unusual and Fun and I felt Great in this Outfit. I am wearing a New Dress that I got courtesy of nevertheless (free is always best!) in a Color I don't own much of, with a Hair Piece that I have never worn before, but always wanted to try. Between the Black Fishnets and the Bow, Peep-toe Pumps with Lace, I felt Sexy, Lady-like, Fabulous and a little Retro in this. I even styled this Dress for a small Boutique Fashion Show for New Year's.
This is on Top 3 because I am wearing a Color I love - Orange, in a Fun and Girly Silhouette. I even have more Brights on with that Fun, Rose Belt and my Python Clutch (which was a very popular Handbag for me, in January). I focused on Hand Jewelry here and showcased a Beautiful Butterfly Ring and some Sparkly Bracelets. I felt Bright and Beautiful for my Date Night, wearing this. My Husband loved it too, as did all of you.
This is on Top 3 because I tried something I hadn't before. I mixed many Trends, many Prints and many Colors together, as well as 3 Outter-wear Accessories: Scarf, Beret Hat & Finger-less Gloves (first time ever wearing a pair), and the end result was a Polished, Trendy, Dressy-Casual Outfit that was also loved by you all. And in case you are counting the Prints: my Scarf is Fair Aisle, the Blouse has Tigers on it and the Clutch is a Python Print.
Other Favorite Outfits note-worthy of making my Top January 2014 list (though in no particular order), are as below:
I think this was my least Favorite because it might be too many Dots between the Polka Dots on the Tee, the Polka Dots on the Leggings and the little Diamonds, Dots and Snowflakes on the Cardigan. When I posted a similar look with just plain Black Leggings, a Black Camisole and my Mustard Scarf I preferred it way better and the Scarf added just the right pop of Color. This Outfit is not horrible per say. I love Print-mixing, but maybe that is too much of the same Print, what do you think?
Which are your Favorite 2-3 Looks from above? Tell me. =)
I am looking forward to February. There will be more Fun Posts and Great Collaborations starting with one on the very first week. I vow to wear as much Red, Pink & other Valentine-inspired Gear in honor of Valentine's Day, also. What are you looking forward to in February? And stay tuned on Monday for a Post recapping all of my purchases. Thank you.

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