Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bringing Out the Cobalt, Bold Lips and Bright Baby.

This is one of the prettiest, most comfortable, nicest Sweater Dresses I own. It is also the most colorful. It was purchased 2+ years ago at Old Navy on clearance. The length is almost tea-length and I wasn't sure about getting it, first. But boy I am happy I did, for about 15 bucks, nevertheless. I have worn it at least half a dozen times. It has made quite a few appearances on the blog, too. And I even styled it when I was pregnant. It looked nice to my bump. But it is definitely a memorable dress, that's for sure.

The way I styled the Dress today is one of my favorites. There are five Colors on this Dress but this time I wanted to bring out the Cobalt Blue. I am wearing my Cobalt/Royal Blue Bubble Necklace pairing it with Earrings which at first look like they are a set with the Necklace. The Earrings are a couple of lighter shades of Blue, a big Circle Plastic Drop. But they totally worked together. You can also see the Red & Fuchsia of the Dress through my Pretty Python, Fold-able Clutch which is one of my favorites. And I went for Bright, Bold Lips which was also the Trend this week at Laura's Blog for her Weekly Trend Spin, which I am linking up to. For my Bordeaux/Mauve Lips I applied a Dark Red Lipstick from Avon first, followed by a Creamy Light Pink Lipgloss by Victoria's Secret. Last but not least the Black Tights create a long+lean effect since the bottom part of the Dress is Black. I wore this Outfit on a Sunday, first at church and later we went over my Husband's Uncle for a visit, with the baby. Vivian is also wearing a Bright-Colored Outfit like Mamma. I love her Minnie, Hot Pink Dress with the Cute Chiffon White+Black Polka Dot Ruffles and it looks great with the Purple Leggings & her Pink Boat Shoes. What do you think of our Dresses? Do you like how I styled my Dress? Are you a fan of Bright, Bold Lips?

And you might see my Christmas Tree once or twice more. I only took it off 10 days ago, and I still had many January Outfits to show you, sorry. Stay tuned tomorrow for the first Link Up I am hosting at my blog. I am co-hosting with the Beautiful Laura from I Do DeClaire. We are styling the last of our Winter Must Haves: Boots and Leggings. Join us and show us a Beautiful Winter Outfit you wore lately. Thank You. And have a Great Tuesday!!
Multi-Colored, Striped, Long, Sweater Dress: Old Navy.
Royal Blue, Large Bubble Necklace: Charlotte Russe (New).
Turquoise, 100% Plastic, Big Circle, Drop Earrings: Viggos.
Winter White+Gold, Tiny Hair Claw: Random Street Vendor in Albania.
Black Tights: A Local Hosiery Boutique.
Python-Print Purple, Red, Fuschia & Orange Clutch: Nine West.
Bronze/Taupe Metallic, Round-Toe Wedge Pumps w/ Buckle Decorations: Andrew Geller (New).

Vivian's Outfit:
Hot Pink, Minnie Onesie-Dress w/ Ruffles & Polka Dots: Disney Kids.
Grape-Purple, Thin, Cotton Leggings w/ Lace Trim: Garanimals.
Baby Pink, Lace +Tulle Rose Hair Clip: An Accessories Boutique.
Hot Pink & Plaid Boat Shoes: Meijer's.

P.S. Also linking up with Kristin+Co., Carolyn, Lauren, Janise+Co. and Karly+Niki.