Thursday, January 16, 2014

Navy, Orange and a Glimmer of Silver for New Year's.

The 2 Outfits today are very similar and were only worn hours away from each other oops. The 2 reasons were: 1) the first one was worn on New Year's Eve just at home for dinner and it was too good of an Outfit to waste not to be seen and 2) I had the flu/wasn't feeling well at the time so I really didn't feel like putting together another Outfit the next morning. So I just made some changes and here you got first the Outfit I wore on New Year's Eve and secondly the one I wore for New Year's Day.

So I am wearing Bright (Neon-like) Orange Jeans with a Dark Blue/Navy Sweater with a little bit of Metallic Shimmer through the threads (plus the Silver Stone Pocket on the chest). Navy+Orange is one of my most favorite color combinations, since I "discovered" it two years ago. I say "discover" because that is when I put these 2 Colors together, for the first time ever I think. Both of these Outfits have color-blocking. In the first one I color-blocked Purple with Orange and Navy. On the second Outfit I color-blocked Orange, Navy, Brown and pale, Blush Pink. With the second Outfit since I wore it outside and I wasn't feeling well I put a light Turtleneck underneath and brought out the color of the Jeans, more. I even added a Wool, Long Infinity Scarf. And of course my warm Brown Puffy Coat. The first Outfit was worn at home so no socks for those Ballerinas. The Sperry Shoes are much warmer and were worn with socks, of course. For the NY Eve part I wore a Bright, Classic Red Lipstick. While the next day I wore a Nude Lipgloss with a little shimmer. Today's Spotlight Weekly has Metallic as its theme and I think the Sweater fits the bill between all the Metallic Silver Shimmer (I wish you could see better) and the Sparkly Silver Pocket with the large Mirror-like, Square Stones. Don't you think? How do you like this Outfit? You prefer the first or second version?

1. New Year's Eve Version.
Navy, Textured, Shimmery Sweater w/ Loop Back tied w/ a Silk Bow & Silver Stone Chest Pocket: Koton (New).
Bright Orange Skinny Jeans: Express.
Gold Button, "Channel" Logo, Stud Earrings: A Random Boutique (New).
Silver Chain Necklace with Small Black Semi-Precious Stone: Fred's Jewelry.
Purple, Faux Suede Ballet Flats w/ Geometric-shaped, Sparkly Stones: Charlotte Russe.

2. New Year's Day Version.
Navy, Textured, Shimmery Sweater w/ Loop Back tied w/ a Silk Bow & Silver Stone Chest Pocket: Koton (New).
Strawberry Red, Cotton-Stretch Turtleneck w/ Tiny White Polka Dots: Koton.
Bright Orange Skinny Jeans: Express.
Brown Puffy Coat w/ Faux Fur-Trimmed Hood: Weather Tamer.
Pale, Baby Pink, Wool, Cable Knit, Long Infinity Scarf: Bershka (Borrowed from my Sister-in-Law).
Gold Button, "Channel" Logo, Stud Earrings: A Random Boutique (New).
Black+Leopard, Suede Leather, Boat Shoes w/ Laces: Sperry's (New).

And here are a few photos from Our First New Year as a Family of Three. Here are  my Two Loves and I. Enjoy!!

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