Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Recapping 2013: Dresses, Pencil Skirts and Maxis.

Hello and Happy Tuesday!! I know there are many states in US and all over Canada where you are experiencing a very bad, cold, stormy and snowy Winter this year. I am truly sorry. I love snow but just about 2 weeks of it between let's say Dec 23rd through Jan 5th is sufficient, at the most 5-6 inches at the time. I think snow is good during the Holidays. By the time they are over, I want for the snow to stop too. Not to rub it on your face or anything, but right now it is 60 degrees here (fahrenheit). Anyway, today I am showing you my Most Favorite Outfits of 2013 featuring Dresses, Pencil Skirts and Maxis (whether Dresses or Skirts). Yesterday I showed you ladies My Most Favorite Outfits of 2013 featuring Jeans, Pants and Leggings. What do you think of my Favorite Outfits from Today's Post? There will be one final recap after this, coming to the blog late tomorrow night. Tomorrow morning Laura and I will be back with another Winter Must Have for Moms. =) Stay tuned.

I will forever be a Dresses and Skirts Girl. But as much as I love Dresses I didn't wear a ton of them in 2013, since I stayed home all year with Vivian. I didn't repeat many of them either, except the Black+White Striped Sweater Dress from Old Navy (1st left from the 1st collage) and the Royal Blue+Black Striped Sweater Dress from a Boutique in Albania (2nd bottom on the right from the 2nd collage). I wore a lot of Sweater Dresses & Shirt Dresses. I also wore a few Casual, Summer Dresses. There are a few LBDs from last year also. And the Bright Floral Romper from a Local Albanian Boutique (1st left from the 2nd collage, which I am including it with Dresses) also got worn a couple of times last year, though I only showed it on the blog once. As you can see, I styled a lot of my Dresses with Cardigans or Blazers. 
This is my Favorite Look featuring a Dress. This surprised me that I chose it as a Favorite but ultimately I chose it because I looked and felt great wearing this: Sexy, Strapless, Short and all. And ultimately when you feel great with something on, you look it, too. That Gorgeous Bib, Rose Necklace stands out and these Red Stilettos are some of the Sexiest Shoes that I own. Both of these Accessories made this Simple, Strapless Denim Dress from Arden B., stand out. It is also the Evening Dress I styled for my Birthday, last May.
Next we have Pencil Skirts. Considering that I had no office job last year, I wore quite a few of them. Though some I styled more Casually than others. I didn't repeat many of my Pencil Skirts, with the Exception of the Black+White Polka Dot one from Forever 21 (1st top right & 4th bottom right) which also happens to be one of my Favorite Skirts and the Hot Pink/Fuchsia Pencil Skirt from The Limited (3rd top right & 1st bottom right). I did wear some Black Pencil Skirts (not pictured) too, of course. 
This is my Favorite Look featuring a Pencil Skirt. This is no surprise at all. Before even going to look at my archives I remembered this Outfit really well. This high-waisted Red Pencil Skirt with the tiny White Polka Dots from Bebe, fits me to Perfection. It even has fun White Buttons by the slit on the back for a Retro, Nautical Feel. I love that I styled it with this Graphic Tee with the Positive Message on it. The Quilted Black Purse, Sparkly Silver Hoops & Retro Mary Jane Pumps dress it up more. I wore this Outfit to my first ever link up, co-hosting with Agnes. This Outfit was very well-received by you as well and it got a lot of compliments. It is hands-down My Most Favorite Outfit of 2013.
Last up today are my Favorite Outfits featuring a Maxi Dress or a Maxi Skirt. I definitely wore my White Mesh Maxi Skirt from The Limited (1st & 5th from right) and the Pastel Peach Chiffon Maxi Skirt from E-Bay (4th right) the most. I styled my Maxis either with Flat Sandals or Wedges. They definitely kept me cool on a warm day.
This is my Favorite Look featuring a Maxi. I styled this Maxi Dress from a Local Boutique in Albania, casually. That is a Gorgeous Summer Hat I purchased from the same Boutique, last Summer, also. I did some Mixing+Matching with that Teal/Turquoise Hat and brought out the Teals of the Dress. The Chocolate Brown Color is also quite flattering since it is pretty dark and the Dress definitely is supposed to fit tight from the belly up. There is a beautiful Artsy Face Graphic on the Skirt part. Little Thong Sandals with a slight Wedge elevated my feet a little bit. This was worn as a Mom's Must Have Summer item, for the Summer  Series I did with Agi.

Finally, tomorrow, I will be showing you guys my Favorite Looks featuring Flirty Skirts and Shorts. Thank you for reading.

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