Monday, January 6, 2014

Recapping 2013: Jeans, Pants and Leggings.

Hello. I started writing/posting this late Sunday night almost Monday. Today and tomorrow I will be recapping more of my Favorite Outfits from 2013. Last year I have probably shown at least 300 Outfits on the blog. I didn't blog daily. Many times there were Vivian posts too, but I did have a lot of OOTD Posts. There were days when I did two-fer's and there were days when I did remixes like "The 6 Remix". Today is also the 6th but due to the busy Holiday season, a very active baby and trying to get together the Recap of 2013 posts, I am skipping it this month but will resume it again on February 6th. Stay tuned!! =)

I wore a lot of Outfits in 2013 as I said. About 300 made it into the blog. At least 50 didn't. Anyway, I have divided My Favorites into categories. Today I will be showing you all my Pants, Jeans and Leggings. Let me know what you think? Which ones are your favorite?

First we have Blue Jeans. I normally do not wear many Blue Jeans, but as a new Mom and staying home with the baby, Blue Jeans became a closet staple this year. I think the 2 pairs I wore the most are the Dark Indigo Blue ones from The Limited (pictured on the 1st bottom left outfit) and the Acid Wash pair from Viggos - the only new pair I purchased in 2013 (pictured on the 2nd outfit from the left & the last top outfit).
This is my Favorite Look featuring Jeans. It features one of my favorite pairs of Jeans, a Plaid/Gingham Shirt in a Bright Color, a Faux Fur Scarf, a Leatherette Jacket, a Monogram Clutch & Sexy Alligator Pumps. Seriously what's not to love?! You loved it a lot, as well. I wore this for my Co-Host "Style Spotlight" I did with Elle and Jacqueline.
Next we have Patterned & Cropped Pants. This year I added to my closet several Patterned Pants. I also wore a lot of the Crops I already own. The Black+White Geometric-Print Pair from H+M (2nd left outfit & middle bottom outfit) and the Blue+White Floral/Paisley pair by Old Navy (1st outfit from the right) were worn the most. They were both remixed for a 6 Remix each. Both of these pairs of Patterned Pants were purchased this year.
This is my Favorite Look featuring Cropped Pants. I kept the look Neutral, Trendy yet Classic staying in the Camel+Leopard family with the Collar of my White Button-down Shirt peeking through. The Pants are from The Limited, by the way. This was also a remix post and out of the 7 Outfits I wore that day (styling a White Button-Down), you guys seemed to like this the most, as well. This is also my Favorite Fashion Post of 2013. I Styled my White Button-Down 7 ways but could have easily done 7 more looks.
Third we have Colored Pants. This is an area I was lacking (in Colors) but added Cobalt, Kelly Green, Neon Pink, Mint & Teal ones in 2013.  Since my collection grew and because I love Colored Pants, I wore a lot of Outfits with them, this past year. I wore a lot of Bright Pink Pants as you can see. Probably the Colored Pants I wore the most are the Olive Skinny Pants from Gap (first & last top outfits), the Fuchsia Jeans from Express (2nd top outfit from left & 1st bottom outfit from right) and the Neon Pink Khakis from Gap (1st bottom outfit from left & middle top outfit).
This is my Favorite Look featuring Colored Pants which were also on Heather's and mine Fall Must Haves for Moms' list. I paired them with a Cute Black Shell, a Black Blazer out of my large collection of Black Jackets, some Beautiful Jewelry from White House Black Market, some cute, Retro-looking Sandals & a Burlap Clutch. Heather loved this Outfit, you guys did and I did as well.
Last but not least we have Leggings. Everyone that knows me, knows how much I love & wear Leggings. I have a ton of pairs and added more to my closet, last year. I wore even more Leggings this year since being a Mom. I wore a lot of Black Leggings as you can tell. (There are actually 4 different pairs of Black Leggings above.) My Newest and Best Pair I purchased in 2013 are the Ponte+Faux Leather Black ones by Forever 21, which made it into four Favorite Looks (1st left, 2nd bottom left, 4th top left & 1st right). I wore them more than any other pair, remixing them for a 6 Remix (which turned into a 7 Remix) and I also wore them on several other occasions, too. The Black+White Houndstooth pair (2nd top outfit from the right) also purchased very early in 2013, got worn a lot, too.
This is my Favorite Look featuring Leggings. Once again I am wearing my New Favorite Black Ponte/Faux Leather Leggings (could be Skinny Pants) from Forever 21 with a Cap-Sleeve Black Sweater & a Short-Sleeve White Button-Down Shirt, proving and showing once again how versatile & useful to a Woman's Closet, a White Shirt really is. I paired these pieces with my Favorite, Neutral, Easy-to-Remix Nude Pumps (which were also worn a lot in 2013), my hair pulled back to show off some Dangly Chandelier Earrings and done. This was another remix post using 6 items of my closet: 3 tops & 3 bottoms. Out of the 7 Outfits I created, I wore these Leggings for 3 of them. This was my second Favorite Fashion Post from 2013.

Next, I will be showing you guys Favorite Looks featuring Dresses and Pencil Skirts. Also, view all my Favorite Pregnancy Looks from 2013, in this post. Thank you for reading.