Friday, January 3, 2014

Recapping 2013: Pregnancy Outfits and Pre-Vivian Posts.

2013 was the year when I changed the name of my Blog from Elegance Personified to Elegance and Mommyhood. I think the name change happened sometime in late March or early April. I saw the new name more fitting to my new life and style as a brand-new mom to Baby Vivian who came into this world on January 19th 2013. So, as I am recapping my favorite fashions from 2013, let's start with My Pregnancy. Below is a Collage of my Favorite Outfits I wore while still Pregnant, weeks or days before Vivian was born. You can find all of these Outfits' posts on detail under my January 2013 & February 2013 archives.
(click on the collage to see it larger)
While Pregnant I owned very few Maternity Clothes. All in all I had 3 pairs of Pants: 1 Pair of Jeans, 1 Black Pair, 1 Dressy Gray Pair; 1 Black Pencil Skirt; 4 Maternity Tops; 1 Maternity Cardigan & 2 Pairs of Maternity Tights. So I made do using a lot of my Leggings, Long Cardigans, Tunics, Loose Blouses, Wide Sweaters and Sweater Dresses. I wore my Maternity Clothes a lot but I also wore a ton more Non-Maternity. I relied on a lot of Belts. Flat/Riding Style Boots were my go-to Shoes. I think overall I came up with Nice Outfits that looked presentable for a laid-back office environment as well. What do you think?

My 3 Most Favorite Posts prior to giving birth are as below.

I am so glad we had a Pregnancy Photo Shoot. It took place by the largest Forest Park in Tirana - Albania on January 6th, just 3 days before our baby arrived. There were over 500 Photos taken. Choosing which ones to post was hard. This is one of My Most Favorite Photos from this post. =)

There were so many pictures taken in our Maternity Photo Shoot as I said that I had divided it into two posts. I like Part Two slightly better because I loved the inside photos so much. Once again so many great photos but the one above, of us reaching towards our daughter (her little pink boots represent her) inside a heart made of leaves is truly stunning. We also printed and framed this one. The photographer did such a good job. =)

I would do a weekly update about My Pregnancy at the end of each week. This one in particular was a favorite because it was pretty much the last one. On the last day of the 38th week, just as I was about to post the 38 Week Update, little Vivian was born. This particular post was a favorite also because I shared with you all her Crib. The photo above shows the crib inside. Hope you like it?

Are you doing Recapping or Looking Back Posts where you review your blog from 2013? I personally love these kinds of posts and look forward to reading them on other bloggers. I hope you like mine as well. Let me know what you think. Stay tuned for another recapping post on Sunday January 5th. Have a Great Weekend and Thanks so Much for Reading! =)