Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dress Week: Red Stripes for Me and Denim+Pink Flowers for Vivian.

First of all thank you to all of you who were concerned about me from the last post. I appreciate all the comments and E-Mails I received from you. I had a second visit at the doctor's today and she could see quite a bit of improvement and healing. Those ear-drops have done a miracle thus far. However she said the entire healing process will take about a month and I have to put on little ear-plugs too, when I shower. I have 5 more days of meds and antibiotics and on Tuesday I am due in for a third check-up. I am still in some pain, but nothing compared to what it was 3 days ago.

As I am typing this I realize that it is July 31st today which means August is the only full Summer month left. My third New Dress this week is another piece from H&M (see the other dresses 1 and 2). It just happens to be that way, because I have added a lot of new pieces from H&M this year, actually. I am finally wearing this Versatile+Flirty Red Striped Dress in a Fit+Flare Style, which was actually a Mother's Day Gift (together with a Necklace by H&M), by my husband. I wore the Dress last Saturday both during the daytime and the evening. It ended up being really comfortable. Well the dress is after all Ponte, but a thinner kind of Ponte which makes it perfect year-around and I plan to wear this Dress in the Fall, also. As a matter of fact I am currently wearing the Dress today, as I am typing this post (twice within a week, guys). I styled it differently of course. For my first time I wore my Nude Peep-Toe Wedges that have the Funky Colorful Polka Dots. It was a hot day so a low bun was indeed necessary, also no Necklace. Just some Gold Button Earrings, a stack of Bracelets and I also carried a Gold Handbag. Between the Red Breton Stripes and the Gold I accessorized with, I gave the Outfit a Nautical vibe. Perfect for what "Summer Red" means to me which is Today's theme for Spotlight Weekly. I wish you could see Vivian's Cute Dress better. It is Denim on the top and it mixes Pink Gingham with Pink Floral Print on the bottom. Do you own a Dress with Red Stripes?
Sunglasses & Hand Jewelry:
Round, Maroon-Red, Plastic-frame Sunglasses: Gucci (Birthday Gift) (New) (identical sunglasses in Tortoise - mine have redish-pink plastic frames), (very similar), (similar, best deal), (similar by Gucci).
Black Plastic Bangle w/ White Polka Dots: Forever 21.
Olive Green/Gold Rhinestone Bangle (part of a set of Bangles): A Random Boutique (similar by Givenchy, great deal, love this), (set of 3 rhinestone bangles, best deal).
Red Bracelet w/ Silver Beads twisted around the Silk RibbonsBijoux & Accessories.
Real Silver Ring w/ Tiny Turquoise Stone: Express (very similar), (similar w/ large stone, best deal, love this).
Gold, Real Leather Hobo Bag w/ Quilted detail on the Front: Elliot Lucca (New) (very similar, great deal), (similar EL, white Summer option), (gorgeous MK option).
Beige, Peep-Toe Wedges w/ Different Colorful Dots: Il Cammino (similar, nude, little wedges), (red polka dot option by Toms, love these).

Vivian's Outfit:
Tank Dress w/ Chambray Top & Pink Gingham+Floral Tiered Skirt: Blueberi Boulevard.
Baby Pink/Floral Short-Sleeve Onesie: Wal Mart.
Hair Tie w/ Strawberries: Random Street Vendor.
White, Lace-trimmed Socks: Jumbo.
Baby Pink, Strappy Sandals w/ Bows: Target.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dress Week: Old Summer Gems and Health Pains.

I woke up with huge pain in my ears yesterday, after a shaky night of sleep. I didn't make too much of it, blaming it on the bad night of sleep and the change in the weather. Plus I thought I was maybe catching a cold. But by the time lunch hit, I was still in pain and I was hot. My fever was pretty high. Later in the afternoon, I was able to get some over-the-counter ear-drops so finally I purchased some and in about 40 minutes I felt a huge change in my pain. But I knew that I'd have to do something about it, I had to see a specialist. A few hours later in the middle of the night, my one ear started causing me a lot of pain. Whatever over-the-counter pain-killers I had weren't really doing the trick. I suffer from migraines so every now and then I have some awful migraine where my entire head hurts. Bus I swear this pain was worse, quite worse. The only thing I could compare it to was labor/child-birth. I had heard before that ear-aches are the worst but in 3 decades of my life I hadn't experienced one until now. They suck ass - let me tell you.

Finally this morning I went in to see the doctor. Well, both of my ears are infected, especially one of them. I am now taking some other ear-drops, nasal drops, antibiotics, pain-killers and vitamins. I am due for another visit tomorrow, because she wanted to see my improvement in 24 hours. She basically covered up one of my ears with stuff (to clean it and let it heal and such) so I feel pretty deaf now. The good thing is that I was told it will get better and I will have my ears and my normal hearing back. But as I am typing this I am very frazzled and drugged up. So yeah, this was supposed to be Dress Week and like 90% of the time I don't schedule posts ahead so I don't have my photos or a post ready today for you. But since this is mostly a style blog, I decided to check out some old pictures and Facebook photos so today I am showing you some Summer Dresses, all worn around 2008-2011. You will see some different hair-styles and hair colors too. Enjoy them!

And one more thing, early this morning since I couldn't sleep due to the awful pain and before I was all stuffed with meds, I was playing around my blog because I do want to achieve a fresher, cleaner look. This is my most favorite header thus far. I will be working on a new button also, and hopefully some links where you can find certain posts easier, as well as an "About Me" section. Let me know what you think of the changes so far. Thanks for reading and Happy Hump Day!

This was worn on May 2010. I went for a girls night out to watch the premiere of "Sex and the City 2". My Dress is by Bebe. Ohh and it was the Summer of my Blonde days.
This was for Dinner, Dancing & Drinking with my Cousins in Windsor - Ontario, Canada in August 2009. This Mellow Yellow, Tiered Dress is by Express and it happens to be one of my Favorite Dresses.
My most Favorite Maxi Dress here was worn at my Cousin's Summer Wedding in July 2011, exactly 3 years ago today so Happy Anniversary to my Cousin ans his wife! This Silk-blend Dress is by White House Black Market and the picture doesn't do justice to the Dress.
This is from April 2008, for a Fancy Event I went to with my Husband, in Michigan. This Silk Gold+Black, Paisley-Print Dress is Gorgeous; it is by Arden B. It is actually a Halter Style. The whole ruffle comes behind my neck.
Another Yellow Dress. This is 100% Silk by The Limited and I wore it for lunch with a friend down-town Royal Oak (one of my favorite cities in Michigan), in June 2010.
This Deep Red Petal, Strapless Cocktail Dress was worn in June 2010 to one of my friend's wedding. And yep my hair got even lighter as the Summer progressed.

So, which 1 or 2 of these Dresses are your favorites? I love the Tiered Yellow Dress, the Maxi Dress and the Tiered Red Dress the best.

Happy Hump Day Beautiful Ladies!! Thank you for reading and send some positive vibes my way. Thanks so much. =)

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dress Week: Tropical Flower Maxi for me and Nautical Stripes for Vivian.

Day two of the second Dress Week of this Summer and I figured I'd grace you all with a Gorgeous Tropical Flower Maxi Dress, another stunner by H+M. What can I say, they have rocked their Spring/Summer 2014 collection and I now own many of their Dresses. =) Also, Vivian has been wearing a lot of Dresses lately, so we will show you some of her Dress Collection too this week, starting with one of my favorites she has - the Navy+White Striped one with the Nautical Collar and Stripes.

I styled my Tropical Flower Maxi Dress with a simple Silver Chain Necklace, some Coral Drop Earrings+Matching Bangle, a Beaded Black Bracelet and a Red Cocktail Ring. To bring out all the Colors of the Dress, especially the Pinks and Blues, I did some minor pattern-mixing by pairing the Dress with my Striped Espadrille Wedges. We wore our outfits last night, out and about with another Stylish Mamma (my cousin) and her 4-month old baby girl. Oh and my Dress received many compliments. It just might be my Favorite Maxi Dress that I own. Do you own a Floral Maxi Dress? How did you style yours?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Mommy thinks I am the Most Beautiful of them all!!
A lot of times, when I am taking my Outfit Pictures, Vivian wants to get in the action. So this time I decided to show you these fun and sweet out-takes. She is a cute photo-bomber, no?
Left Hand Jewelry:
Neon Orange, Gold-tone Enamel Bangle Bracelets: A Local Accessories Boutique (New) (very similar orange bangle, best deal), (coral Kate Spade option).
Black+Silver Stretchy, Beaded Bracelet w/ some Charms: White House Black Market (similar option, great deal), (similar), (similar, love this).
Right Hand Jewelry:
Real Silver Ring w/ Tiny Turquoise Stone: Express (very similar), (similar w/ large stone, best deal, love this).

White, Spaghetti-Strap, Open-Back Maxi Dress w/ Pink+Green Tropical Flower Print: H&M (New) (very similar by the Limited, best deal, love this), (similar by Loft, love this), (gorgeous option by Ted Baker, on sale, love this).
Coral, Circle, Silk, Drop Earrings: Bijoux & Accessories (similar, great deal, love these), (similar, love these), (gorgeous option by Kate Spade).
Pink+Green, Plastic Hair Claw w/ tiny Flower: A Local Accessories Boutique (New).
Hot Pink, Multi-Colorful Stripped Wedge Espadrilles: Payless (very similar, SAVE), (similar + great deal, love these), (similar, SPLURGE).

Vivian's Outfit:
Navy+White Striped, Nautical Dress w/ White Roses & Bubble Skirt: Original Marines.
Turquoise+Yellow, Lucite Bow Barrette: Viggos.
Baby Pink, White & Silver Polka Dot Socks: Jumbo.
Baby Pink, Strappy Sandals w/ Bows: Target.

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Happy Tuesday Ladies!!

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