Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Another Birthday plus B+W Stripes, Leopard and Oxblood.

I have to start Today's Post with some Pictures of my Husband and I because see this Handsome Man next to me celebrates a Birthday today on May 6th - Yesss, our Birthdays are 2 days apart. Two strong-headed, stubborn bulls we may be, but yet we work together very well. We are a team! He is my soul-mate. As if that wasn't enough, I have an Uncle, an Aunt, a Cousin and my Beloved Grandpa (R.I.P.) who all have May Birthdays too. So Happy Birthday to my One and Only, My Husband, My Best Friend, My Lover, Vivian's Daddy and My Sweetheart!! Vivian and I are Happy, Lucky and Blessed to have you in our lives!!

And to all of you who stopped by and wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday, Thank You ALL so much from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate you stopping by, your compliments on the dress and your good wishes. I actually took time yesterday and replied to every single comment. I hadn't done that in a long time. I decided to thank everyone personally yesterday. Paying it forward for my birthday. =) Also, when I posted yesterday it didn't occur to me wish you all a Happy Cinco de Mayo so I hope it was a great one. Did you drink a Margarita or two?! =D

I think Camel, Oxblood and Long Cozy Cardigans should be left to Fall and Winter months, however our April (and even early May) has been just as cold as our January and February. We have had a mild Winter here in Lovely Tirana but April kicked our butt. They said it rained 25 out of the 30 days. Usually those days were accompanied by a wind chill and were very cool. After my 30 for 30 challenge, I did wear a few Outfits which felt more Fall-like than Spring-like. Today is an example of that. While I do love my Gorgeous pair of Wine/Oxblood Corduroy Pants and my Brown Oxford Bootie-Shoes, they are much better suited for October-March I think. I took them for one last spin last month, especially since I only wore these Pants 3-4 times total this Winter season. I am even layering two Sweaters: a Classic Black+White Striped Boat-neck piece by a Favorite Brand of mine WHBM with a Cozy Camel Cardigan by Victoria's Secret. Another thing I layered is a Long Necklace with my Lavender/Watercolor Leopard Scarf which I wore as an Infinity piece. I will be showing you guys more Stripes on Thursday, albeit that Outfit is definitely more Springy - I promise. How do you like Today's Outfit?
Black & White Striped Sweater, w/ Peek-A-Boo Back: White House Black Market.
Cognac/Camel, Cotton Knit Open Cardigan w/ Belt: Victoria's Secret Catalogue. 
Burgundy Corduroy Skinny Pants: White House Black Market.
Lilac, Gray & Black, Leopard-Print, Wide, Silk Scarf: The Limited.
Cognac, Skinny, Braided Belt w/ Circle Loop Buckle: Thrifted (New).
Tiny, Real Gold Hoops w/ Semi-Precious Stones: JC Penney's (New & Gifted).
Silver Pendant Fish Necklace in a White Silk Rope: A Random Street Vendor (it was 2 Bucks!)
Silver, Woven, Thick Chain Necklace: Parfois.
Brown, Patent Leather & Faux Suede, Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.

Vivian's Outfit:
Baby Pink, Ruffled Tunic w/ Cat printed on the front (part of a 2-piece set): Carter's.
Baby Pink, Quilted Knit Vest w/ Embroided Flowers & Animals: A Local Children's Boutique.
Gray Leggings w/ Ruffled Hem (part of a different 2-piece set): Carter's.
Coral Rose Hair Clip: A Random Boutique.
Black Sneakers: Babies R' Us.

Looking at my Outfits on my PC, I realize how these two Outfits are so similar together featuring the Same Striped Sweater, Oxblood Pants and Cognac Belt. This First Outfit was also posted on a Tuesday, ironically. It is funny how our sub-conscience works sometimes.

P.S. Linking up with Clara, Paige, Lauren, Shea, Bre, Kileen and Meagan & Co (their theme this week is Stripes. How perfect!)
And stay tuned for Wednesday's OOTD because it's a special one. Can you say Floral and Happy Spring pieces? I encourage you all to wear something Floral this week. Even something as small as a scarf, flower studs or a flower necklace would work. =)

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  1. How fun that you and your husbands' birthday are so close together! My husband and I have birthdays that are exactly 2 weeks apart and I always thought that's been fun. :) Love this look, and you're right it's perfect for fall but when spring takes too long to get here I think it's perfectly fine for those colder spring days too!

  2. I wouldn't have thought of this color combo until recently but I really like the camel and black together! The pants are a great pop of color!

  3. Happy Birthday! And I gotta say you look smokin' hot in that dress!

  4. You look smashing sexy with your hubby in that cocktail dress. And how creative to create couple outfits with the striped top.

  5. Yay for birthday celebrations! :)


  6. Great pictures!! Birthdays are so fun!

  7. Yaya for Birthdays!! I hope you both have a fantastic birthday week :)


  8. I'll create very similar outfits without thinking about it too :) happy birthday to your hubby today!

  9. OMG, Ada your husband and my Mom have the same birthday! Happy birthday to your hubby. :) You look fabulous in that metallic dress and now I know where Vivian got those pretty genes, a combination of yours and your man. :)


  10. You look smoking hot on your husband's birthday! I love getting all dressed up like that every once in awhile. I also have a pair of coords in that same color!!

  11. Cute photos of you and your hubby, Happy Birthday to your hubby and to you (I am 2 days late). Rachel xo

  12. Happy belated Birthday!! Love the photos of you and your husband together! You look great! Hoping for some warmer weather your way! At least your getting some extra wears out of your winter clothes!

    xo, Erica
    Casually Styled

  13. happy birthday to you and your beloved. I love to see happy couples, you guys look gorgeous together! xx

  14. Love the pictures of y'all together. Oh my gosh Vivian's hair is getting so long and thick!! Gorgeous!!

  15. Awww! So cute :)


  16. Yay for having a birthday so close to your husband's! That's so fun! :) Love those pants! I've worn mine so much! Love that dress, too. You look fantastic!

  17. Hope you had a fantastic birthday! It's so nice that you and your husband's birthdays are so close! Loving that striped top!


  18. Happy birthday to both of you!!
    Loving your gorgeous bold red pants.
    You look stunning!!

    Thank you for linking up with I Would So Rock This. I hope to see you again next Sunday!!

  19. Look how hot you looked on your hubby's birthday! I'm sure he was one happy man :)

    Also loving those oxblood pants love!

    xo, Paige

  20. Sexy mama! Look at you Ada! I love that picture of you and your husband! You make such a great couple! Happy Birthday to you, your husband, and your whole family;)!


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