Monday, April 21, 2014

19 of 30: Equestrian in Nude and Brown.

Hello and Happy Monday. Can you believe it that April is 2/3rds of the way gone already? And for that matter, we are approaching May - my Favorite month, my Birthday month (it is in 2 weeks). Crazy I say. 2014 has gone by super fast thus far. I hope you had a wonderful Easter also. I will be sharing a few photos of my Lovely Vivian from her Easter, later this week, so stay tuned. 

It was pretty much a given that at some point this Cardigan would be worn with this Lace Tee. When I purchased them 3 years ago at WHBM, I purchased them as 'a set' so to speak, because they go together well. And of course, Nude/Light Beige pairs perfectly with Cocoa or Brown. I have paired this Cardigan with these Pants and a Different Scarf here and also Belted it with a Different Belt more recently. Today, I decided on a Brown Belt to bring out the Pants and did a very subtle Pattern-mixing between my Leopard Scarf & Plaid Headband. The Outfit has sort of an Equestrian feel to it, because of me choosing Boots, since it was a cold, rainy day and of course they were necessary. What do you think?
Pros: I love the Neutrals. Plus it's Simple, Easy, Comfortable and Done.
Cons: It feels like a Fall Outfit while it was worn in April.
Oatmeal-Gold, Flyaway Cardigan w/ Long Collar: White House Black Market.
Nude, Short-Sleeve, Lace Tee w/ Beads on the front: White House Black Market.
Hazelnut-Brown, Corduroy Pants: Bershka (New).
Leopard, Soft Velvet Scarf: Lord & Taylor.
Faux Alligator, Brown Belt w/ Circle Buckle: The Limited.
Classic, Beige, Brown & Burgundy, Wide-Band, Canvas, Plaid Headband: Burberry.
Light Orange, Round-face, Quartz Watch: Gift from My Husband (New).
Orange+Silver Beaded, Charm Bracelet: JC Penney's.
Cognac Brown, Leather, Riding Boots: Payless.

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  1. The sweater really does go well with your lace shirt, and I especially love the subtle stripes on the arms :) And as far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong with equestrian style! I hope you had a happy Easter!

  2. Cute cute cute! Love your sweater and pants!

  3. Love the colors together here! The leopard scarf looks nice, too! Hope you had a nice Easter!

  4. Love it Ada!!!!!! The animal print scarf is fabulous!!!!!


  5. Love your lace top. It is crazy how fast the month is going by.

  6. Boots are definitely practical when it's cold and rainy! Love the pairing with the leopard (hm, is it cheetah? I can never tell!) scarf as well!
    On the Daily Express

  7. Sorry it took forever! I also followed you too on gfc and bloglovin, now I will get to see it on my blogger account. For some odd reason I thought I was following you but guess I'm not LOL. You look so pretty love it, plus that leopard scarf is just so incredible on you!!!

  8. I really like your cardigan and scarf! Great neutral colored outfit!

  9. This is cute outfit, Ada. I like the pattern mixing with the scarf and headband. Animal print & plaid - you have inspired me to try that!

  10. You're right - this look does have an equestrian feel! Love it! A look full of neutrals is perfect sometimes, and love how the same color tones are perfect for pattern mixing. And thanks for stopping by my blog!! I've missed blogging and keeping up with all the blogs I always read but have just struggled to find the energy lately!

    Jess - J's Style

  11. Great mix of textures! I'm sorry it's still cold (and rainy) - hope you get some warmth soon! Thanks for linking up! Carylee |

  12. Fun addition of leopard! Wanted to respond to your comment, my email address is Hope you're having a great week!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  13. Love the belted cardigan look, and the leopard print is a great detail!! Super chic!

  14. Very cute! I love that you belted the cardigan. Great look!!

  15. loving that leopard scarf...thanks for linking up with Monday Mingle!

  16. Ada the lighting on these picture is so good ! i dont know at what time you took these, but this should be the time you take your pictures ! I just love the glow in these.


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