Friday, March 7, 2014

Pinned It and Did It: Geometric Black+White Pants with Button-down and Sweater.

This week, I did a Pinspired re-creation from an Outfit worn by KATE of A Journey in Style, look for it in this post. I have "copied" Kate before with a Similar Look of Hot Pink Pants, Button-down & Sweater. This is an Outfit Formula that Kate has mastered and I'd like to re-create more Outfits like these, soon. Kate and I have almost identical B+W Geometric Pants w/ a Diamond-Print. Coincidentally, Kate wore these Pants yesterday. Also yesterday, Sweet Skylette wore these Pants with Yellow creating a Gorgeous Dressy Outfit.

I have worn my B+W Geometric Pants from H&M many times already, even re-mixed them 6 times in December. And like I mentioned yesterday on my blog, these pants look great with a Chambray Shirt. Mine are not cropped but I tucked them in for this Spring-forward Outfit. I don't have a Coral Sweater like Kate's but my Light Pink one worked out great. I also wore Pink in honor of RENAE of Simple Sequins. I do love that Cozy Waffle Sweater that Kate is wearing though and would love to have a Coral, a Cream, a Camel & a Black one. Instead of a Solid Black Button-down I wore my White one with Black Collar & Sleeves, since this is a new Shirt I got in February, so I wanted to wear it. I also have on some Black Patent Leather Ballet Flats purchased at Marshalls. I do like the end results, what about you? Did I do a good job from my inspiration? 
Light Rayon-blend, Long-Sleeve Sweater w/ Silk Panel on the Back: Ann Taylor LOFT.
White Chiffon Button-down Blouse w/ Beaded Black Collar & Sleeves: c/o Koton (New).
Black+White, Geometric-Print, Skinny Pants: Divided by H&M (New).
Real Gold & Diamonds, Fine Jewelry, Tiny Hoops: Lord & Taylor.
Black, Patent Leather Ballet Flats: Steve Madden (New).

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Stay tuned because coming next on the blog, I will show you what I added to my closet in February and how my shopping went. Thanks. Have a Great Weekend, Ladies!!


  1. Great recreation, Ada! Kate always has such cute looks. She's full of all sorts of inspiration (pinspiration?).

  2. Great job on your take, how nice you had such similar pieces!

  3. Kate is a great source of inspiration! I would same that you got this look pretty spot on! Love the collar on your shirt too.

  4. you nail this look. Have a great weekend

  5. Great outfit! You both look great =)

  6. What a great recreation! I really like the soft pink with the black and white pants! Thanks for the shout out :)

  7. Great look and great formula to follow! I always appreciate when you stop by my blog.

  8. Great Swap! Love the pink with the B+W. Thanks so much for linking up with the Syle Swap

  9. Love those pants! They look great with the pink!

  10. Such a cute look! Love those patterned ankle pants. And thanks so much for commenting on my blog :)

    Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

  11. WOW Ada, what at great look - I love getting inspired by other bloggers too ! Specially when I find someone else who has the exact same garment.


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