Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Not Quite Valentine-like.

Let's face it. Today's Outfit is more Winter or Holiday-inspired than Valentine-like. Of course I have Plaid on & Fair Isle. My New Plaid Scarf is Gorgeous + Cozy, thick & wide like a blanket. I love it. I was so happy when I saw it on the store that I was all over it like a tween girl over Beiber. This Outfit was worn on a cold, rainy day. No snow here people, I wish. We can always trade. But I do have some Red (and Winter White) on as to honor Valentine's Day. Vivian has some Fuchsia on (her Knit Scarf) also to honor V-Day. You get Vivian 3 posts in a row, including today. I know her smile makes many people's day so I hope you won't mind. What do you think of the Outfits? Do you like the larger photos? What have you been up to lately? Happy Tuesday!!

Winter White "Hello There", Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt: Old Navy (New).
Red+White, Wool-blend, 2-ply, Wide Scarf: An Accessories Boutique in Albania (New).
Black/Red/White, Fair-Isle, Velvet Leggings: A Random Boutique in Albania (New).
Olive Green, Faux Leather Jacket w/ Circle & Star Studs, Grommets & Zippers: Marshalls (New).
Navy, Wool, French Beret: A Boutique in Toronto, CANADA.
Charcoal Gray, Quilted & Rubber, Lace-up Rain Boots: Costco.

Vivian's Outfit:
Brown/Black, Leopard, Fleece Hoodie Sweatshirt: Garanimals.
Brown/Black, Leopard, Fleece Sweat Pants: Garanimals.
Fuchsia, Loop Knit Scarf + Matching Mellow Yellow Beret Hat: Hand-Made (Custom-Ordered Knits).
Baby Blue, Chiffon, Bow Hair Clip: Random Street Vendor.
Baby Pink, Sock Booties: A Children's Boutique.

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  1. Pretty scarf! I have one just like it and I love it. Love Vivian's leopard and pink!

  2. great scarf. We got some snow last week but it didn't stick. We do get a lot of rain here.

  3. I love plaid scarves! It looks so good with your sweatshirt! Vivian looks absolutely adorable! Love her scarf, too!

  4. I love that scarf! Who cares if it's a little holiday- it totally works for Valentine's, too. :)


  5. I love that you mixed prints and added a pop of color with the jacket! Great look Ada!


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