Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Neutrals in Gray+Black, No Longer Neglected... And a Fedora.

I wore the Outfit from today this past weekend, on Sunday February 16th to be exact. I chose/styled this Outfit keeping in mind that today was Neutrals Day for the Trend Spin Link Up with Laura and Erin. But, at the same time, I wanted to give love to some Neglected Items like I plan on doing the rest of this week. Neutral Colors are such Understated Classics that work year-around, but especially during colder months. To me they include Black, Gray, Khaki, Winter White, Beige, Camel and Brown. Though technically Navy is a Neutral too. I know many of you would agree as well but Leopard (of the Black+Brown, Classic variety) has pretty much become a Neutral these days.

My neglected items were both this 3/4-sleeve Gray Cardigan and these Off-Black Velvet Skinny Pants. This Skinny Leather Bow Belt hadn't been worn in a long time either and the Black Wool Fedora which I purchased in early December, had yet to be worn so I finally grabbed it, added it to this Outfit (which I think it worked) and wore it. My Sperry Black+Leopard Loafers have become my favorites. I wouldn't mind another pair of Sperry's ...or 4 (if they weren't so expensive). They are great basic shoes though and have a high quality. My Infinity Scarf is also in a small Leopard print in Black, Gray & Maroon. It is pretty thin but circled around three times it kept my neck warm. For outside, I added my Mustard Coat which sort of made me look like a Bumble Bee, but in reality I received many compliments on this Outfit. And trust me since I was dressed pretty light, the Coat was very necessary because it was definitely not as warm as it looked, despite being quite sunny. Have you been wearing Neutrals this season? What Colors mostly? What do you think of my Outfit? Is the Fedora too much (be honest!)?

3/4-Sleeve, Heather Gray, Sequined-front Cardigan: The Limited.
Off-Black, Soft Velvet, Skinny Pants: Martin & Osa (I miss that store).
Double-Breasted, 3/4 Length, Mustard Coat: A Boutique in Albania (from 2 years ago).
Black, Soft Leather, Skinny Belt w/ Bow: The Limited.
Black Wool Fedora Hat: A Random Boutique in Tirana, Albania.
Red, Black & Brown, Light Linen, Leopard Infinity Scarf: The Limited.
Black+Leopard, Suede Leather, Boat Shoes w/ Laces: Sperry's (New).


  1. love the coat, and the fedora. Such a fun look

  2. Leopard goes well with so many things. It just like a chambray shirt that goes well with everything

  3. Love the coat and fedora! They give your look some sassiness! Neutrals are always pretty together. They look really classy and polished.

  4. I wear a lot of neutrals, they're easy to work with. I am just all over your coat though - wow, is it fun!!

  5. Your yellow coat is so bright and cheery!

  6. very cute coat and fedora!
    you can find me over at alyssabarnettbeauty.com
    I'm having a giveaway if you're interested in entering!
    Happy Wednesday,
    alyssa b

  7. I don't think the fedora is too much at all! It's perfect for winter and the color is a neutral so it totally works. You look great, Ada!

  8. I like the mustard and leopard print together! That's a great sweater, you should wear it more often and the bow belt is really cute! Your hair looks really nice in these photos!

  9. Gorgeous coat!! I really like the embellished cardigan too.


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