Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hot Pink, Striped, Grandpa Cardigan Layered Up.

Layers yesterday, layers today. Rainy weather Outfit yesterday, rainy-to-dry weather Outfit today. Both times I bundled up. Both times I wore Winter White, but I spiced things up, first with Red and now with Hot Pink. Valentine Week continues My Friends. Today, I have on my Hot Pink+Dove Gray, Striped, Grandpa Cardigan by Express, and even some Pink Studs on the ears. A little bit of Pattern-Mixing between the Cardigan and the Gingham Scarf as well as the Leopard Boat Shoes. I have worn this Navy Gingham Scarf with Hot Pink before, when I was pregnant. Navy looks great with Pink, especially the Brighter Pinks. Vivian's Hoodie Cardigan has Hot Pink+White Stripes, matching Mama's. ;-) What do you think? I will finish Valentine Week with a bang though. Stay tuned for a special post coming on February 14th. =) Thank you.
Winter White Faux Fur Vest w/ Elastic Band/Belt Detail & Gold Hardware: Pelinki (New).
Fuchsia+White, Stripped, Grandpa Cardigan w/ Pockets: Express.
Navy & White Gingham Scarf: Terra Nova.
Dark-Wash, Acid, Straight-Skinny Jeans: Pelinki.
Circle, Pink Crystal Stone, Stud Earrings: Avon.
White Silk Headband w/ tiny Black Polka Dots, featuring a Large Side Bow: Forever 21.
Black+Leopard, Suede Leather, Boat Shoes w/ Laces: Sperry's (New).

P.S. Linking up with Andi + the Ladies (for their Valentine-themed week), Alison, Lindsey, Jessica, Melaina and Shanna.


  1. I love this layered look! I wish I had a fur vest - hopefully next winter!! Beautiful daughter!! Susan

  2. Cute! I totally agree that navy and bright pink look great together.

  3. lovely to see you dear ada! hope you and bambino are keeping well! great cardigan, the colours are great and i have to say i am loving your new profile pic of you in the red dress.. you look amazing!! xx

  4. How cute you two are matching with your pink stripes! Your top looks great with that fur vest!

  5. Love your vest and your belt. It been raining here too. Today was actually nice out.

  6. Oh i like your furry vest - i'd wear that in a heart beat.

  7. Aww your blog is so sweet! Your daughter is adorable :)

    xo Jackie
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