Friday, February 28, 2014

Style Swap: No Longer Neglected Military Blazer and Orange V-Neck Sweater.

Last Friday I swapped Styles with the Lovely JESS of J's Style. This Friday, I am doing it again. =) Once again I am linking up with HEATHER for "Pinned It and Did It" and both JENN and GINNY for their Style Swap Link Up. This week I "copied" this Simple, Layered Outfit from Jess because it was a no-brainer for me. It is Casual, Comfortable, Chic, 100% My Style (since I love Leggings) and Perfect for me especially now that I am a Mom.

I had very similar pieces to re-create this. I even have a Long Tank in that same Dusty Rose as Jess' Tee, but I wore this in Real Life yesterday and it would have been too cold for a Tank Top. I even wore a Leather Blazer on top. My feet were a little cold, not as much due to the temperatures (it was in the low 50s) but because of the cold winds. But what don't we do for Fashion, right? Especially as a Fashion Blogger. At the same time, I wanted to swap this look today, because I really wanted to wear my Military Jacket which was neglected for far too long (it was last worn on July 2013). I also made an effort to wear my Burnt Orange V-Neck Merino Wool Sweater which had been neglected in my closet (cannot find it on the blog but it has been over a year and a half ). Technically the Leopard Flats hadn't been worn in a while either, but let's face it, the Weather hasn't been on their side. And even these Leggings hadn't been worn since September (in this Cute Outfit). I could have added a Long Necklace to this but in this case less is more. I am liking how the Burnt Orange is pairing with the Olive Green. And Leopard pretty much goes with anything. My Makeup is a little more done than usual: Red Lips and Skye Blue Eye Lids. What do you think? Aren't sometimes the Simplest of Outfits, the Best ones? Don't forget to check out Jess' Blog to see her re-creation to one of my Outfits.

Military Green, Military-Style Jacket w/ Pockets: Ann Taylor Loft.
Burnt Orange, V-Neck, Merino Wool Sweater: The Limited.
Black, Thin, Cotton-Stretch Leggings: White House Black Market.
Leopard & Black, Calfskin & Patent Leather, Cap-Toed Ballet Flats: White House Black Market.

P.S. Also linking up with Allison, Bonnie+Tara, Lulu, Claire and Jenny.
Enjoy your weekends, Ladies!! Thank you for reading!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

No Longer Neglected with 5 Date Night Essentials while Styling a New Dress.

Hi Guys. Happy Thursday! I love doing Style Posts where I learn more about my own Fashion Choices and Sense of Style, I show you ladies a Cute Outfit (hopefully) by which you can draw inspiration too, and I am also  keeping up with Fashion Challenges shown by different Link-ups. Today I Styled a Dress while killing 3 birds with one stone. First of all I wanted you guys to see my New Dress which I purchased last week for $22, but I am not sure I should keep it because A) it is quite big and loose for me, B) it is quite short on me (I was hoping to have it both for Date Night/Fun time as well as Work), and 3) the material is a little too shiny for my taste. But I do love the Print of Coral Roses & Brown Animal Spots, as well as the price. With this post, I also wanted to show you guys My Favorite Heels (one of my 5 Most Favorite pairs anyway) and link up with Elle + Jacqueline for their Spotlight Weekly Trend - Favorite Heels. Last but not least, with the way I styled my Dress, I wanted to show you guys my 5 Date Night Essentials which is the theme for this month's new monthly Link Up "Head to Toe Chic" with Ginny + Nikki.

So my 5 Date Night Essentials must be as follows. A Dress first and foremost. Not your Work Sheath, not a Shirt-Dress, a rather Nice Dress, maybe Silk-like, it could be Strapless, it could be an LBD or even Red or Lace. It can even be in a Fun Print like mine. I chose this Shift Dress for my Fancy Date Night. Some Pretty Dangly Earrings. They can be Long or not so-long, a Chandelier Style is nice but some fun Sparkly Drop Earrings would be great too. Mine are one of the Most Favorite pairs I own and are not as heavy as they appear. They have Pearls, Crystals & other Rhinestones and I love them. I chose Earrings as opposed to let's say a Sparkly Necklace, because some necklines cannot use a Necklace. Next we have a Clutch to go with the Great Cocktail Dress you chose. I chose to do some Pattern-mixing with my Gorgeous Magenta/Fuchsia/Orange Python-Print Leather Clutch. It stands out against the Pale Blush tones of the Dress. Of course some Great Heels are a must for me for Date Night, preferably Stilettos (like I wore), but some Nice Pumps, or High-Heel Peep-Toe Shoes would work great, too. Last but not least my only Beauty Must Have for Date Night would be Bright Lipstick. Red Lipstick would be my first choice but a Bold Fuchsia Lip or a Bright Magenta would be great too. I have on a Fuchsia-Red one from Avon. In styling my Dress for Date Night I added a Sparkly Cocktail Ring (one of my newest ones) and a couple of Fun Bracelets. If I were to make it 7 Date Night Essentials instead of 5, these two would definitely round up my 7. My Shoes & Earrings are also my No Longer Neglected Items, for today. To recap, my 5 Date Night Essentials are: Dress, Dangly Earrings, Clutch, Heels & Bright Lipstick. Coincidentally, Ginny had 5 very similar Must Have Essentials for her Date Night Look which I loved. =) So, what do you think of My Outfit? Should I keep the Dress? How was my first attempt at styling it? And, what are YOUR 5 Date Night Essential Pieces and Why? Let me know in the comments - I appreciate it. Please be honest about the dress - Thanks.

Blush+Gold, Triangle-Flower, Large, Sparkly Stone Cocktail Ring: c/o American Fashion & Jewelry.
Gold Band & Gold+Diamond Ring: My Wedding & Engagement Rings.
Silver Ring w/ Lime Green Square Stone: Kohl's.
Classic Pearl & Silver Diamond-cut, Beaded Bracelet w/ Crystal Charm: White House Black Market.
Silver, Crystal Stretchy Bracelet: White House Black Market.
Python-Print Purple, Red, Fuchsia & Orange Clutch: Nine West.

My Favorite Heels are from Baker's. I have had them in my closet for 7-8 years now and I remember paying around $40-$45 for them. I love that they are a Rose Gold and that the Strap has a Gold Chain detail and the circle button is with Silver Rhinestones. Despite their height and skinny heel, they are actually quite Comfortable. My Favorite Heels have taken me to Weddings, Cocktail Parties, Dinner Dates, New Year's Eve Celebrations, Girls' Nights Out, Dancing, Bar Clubs and even Church. They have traveled with me to different cities, states, countries and even continents. And they still look like new and (fortunately) are not scruffed at all.

Blush/Nude Silky, 3/4 Sleeve Mini-Dress in a Floral & Animal-Print Pattern: A Local Boutique (New).
Circle-Flower, Silver+White, Dangly Earrings w/ Large Pearls & Crystal Stones: Arden B.
Coral, Chiffon Flower Pin: An Accessories Boutique.
Black Fishnet Tights: Pompea (New).
Rose Gold, Faux Leather, Strappy Stilettos w/ Gold Chain Detail & Silver Buckle: Baker's.

Also, this morning as I was putting together my post - the over-achiever that I am, especially when it comes to blogging - I created a Polyvore Set of 5 Date Night Essentials with pieces from one of my Favorite Stores to shop at: Express (except the lipstick is a True Red one by Lancome). I chose a Fun, Girly Babydoll Style LBD with some Strappy Black Stilettos (very similar in style to my Gold Rose ones) and chose to mix it up with an Icy Silver Clutch and matching Cobalt/White/Periwinkle Stone, Sparkly, Dangly Earrings. I particularly adore the Earrings & Clutch, and you?!

My 5 Date Night Essentials.

Doll dress

Hologram purse

Colorful earrings

Sheer lipstick

P.S. I am also linking up with Tara+Sharon, Sherry (Gorgeous Shift Dress, Heels & Earrings also - Great Minds think alike, lady!!),  Kati+Elise, Renae, Lauren and Lena+Rachel.
Though it will come a little bit later than usual, I am doing another Style Swap Post tomorrow so stay tuned. Thanks so much for reading. This was a long one! Geez Louise!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Artsy Grays with a Side of Strawberry and Dots, plus a Bow.

So, today's No Longer Neglected item is this Artsy Leopard Gray Sweater Dress (which I love). I don't know why I didn't wear it at all last Winter. It got lost in my closet that's why. I have worn this Dress more than once (I am pretty sure I have) but the last and only time it made it to the blog was here paired with the same Oxford Shoes, Dark Tights and also a (different) Leopard Scarf. Today - besides doubling the Leopard through my Infinity Scarf - I added 2 more patterns. The Turtleneck I layered underneath has Polka Dots and the Grayish-Blue (or are they Blueish-Gray) Tights that I purchased last month have a Fun Swirly Pattern. Since this look is mostly dark, the Strawberry Red Top is the right bright spot to make it a little more cheery. I layered a couple of Beaded Bracelets and added a Fun Flower Cocktail Ring, as well as my Gold Bow Necklace. What do you think of the end results?

Royal Blue Beaded Long Necklace w/ Sparkly, Silver Fireball Stones (wrapped as a Bracelet): A Local Accessories Boutique.
Silver, Crystal Stretchy Bracelet: White House Black Market.
Gold Band & Gold+Diamond Ring: My Wedding & Engagement Rings. (In case you wonder why I keep them on my middle finger, is because since when I was Pregnant, my fingers thinned out, so they don't fit on the ring finger anymore. I haven't gotten around to re-sizing them.)
Black Metallic, Stretchy Cocktail Ring w/ large White Flower: Payless.

Black & Gray, Light Wool, Short-Sleeve, Leopard Sweater Dress: Ann Taylor Loft.
Strawberry Red, Cotton-Stretch Turtleneck w/ Tiny White Polka Dots: Koton.
Red, Black & Brown, Light Linen, Leopard Infinity Scarf: The Limited.
Gold, Woven Chain, Long Necklace w/ Intricate Bow w/ Crystals: c/o a Local Boutique (New).
Blueish-Gray, Swirl-Patterned Tights: Pompea (New).
Black & Dark Blue, Patent Leather Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.

P.S. Linking today with Sarah, Agi, Tara, Erin and Meghan w/ Bethany.
Stay tuned tomorrow for a Special Date Night Post and my 5 Essentials for a Date Night Look. Thanks.
Happy Wednesday Night & have a Lovely Thursday!! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

No Longer Neglected Navy Grandpa Cardigan and Cobalt Cords.

So I guess I lied. I said that this would not be another week of No Longer Neglected Items, but looking through the Outfits saved in my computer (that have yet to make it on the blog), subconsciously I have actually worn a lot of neglected pieces. I don't know why, but a lot of my neglected pieces are Cardigans. I guess it's because I own a ton of Cardigans and I even brought more with me when I came back from the States.

Take today for example. The Navy Grandpa Cardigan (last worn sometime last Winter, like 10-11 months ago but only made it to the blog in this Outfit) with the Collared Neckline, is my Neglected piece. It is one of my only few pieces I own from J.Crew. It was originally $128 and I think I purchased it for either $19.99 or $29.99 on final sale. I had nothing like it, it was a great price and a great color too, who was I to say No? LOL I do have a J.Crew taste (who doesn't?!?) but definitely not a J.Crew budget, never have. So, I reached for this Cardigan once towards the end of January (first Outfit) and then again the next week, in early February. I know these Outfits are late but don't forget that I barely got dressed or left the house for two weeks in February and last week I posted all New Outfits worn that very same week. And obviously a bunch of Vivian's balloons from her 1st Birthday were still left over. She loves balloons so I kept them in the house. They keep her occupied for a hot minute LOL.

The first Outfit is actually pretty nice. Don't you think?! I blended in some blues as you can tell. And I finally wore another neglected item: my New Cobalt Blue Cords by Joe Fresh that I purchased towards the end of October but had yet to wear (Perfect, Cobalt Blue, Corduroy Skinnies - why didn't I wear you before?!) It was a rainy day (as most of January) so my Awesome, Colorful Rain Boots were worn and I added a pop of Magenta too, through my Statement Necklace. I also prefer to wear Hats on rainy days and I am with a Beret on, usually about twice a week, these days.

Navy Blue, Collared-Neck, Double-Breasted Cardigan: J.Crew.
Cobalt Blue, Corduroy Skinny Pants: Joe Fresh (JC Penney's) (New).
Gray, Zippered, Fleece Jacket: Aeropostale.
Magenta, Large-Beaded, Plastic Necklace: A Local Boutique.
Burgundy, Patent Leather, Faux Ostrich, Skinny Belt: White House Black Market.
Navy, Wool, French Beret: A Boutique in Toronto, CANADA.
Green+Colorful, Flower & Birds, "Happy & Free" Rain Boots: Costco.

This second Outfit I consider it a Fail (pretty much). How about you? I love the combination of Navy with Olive (I have done it before successfully). I even like the addition of the Soft Lavender. But looking through these photos, the Outfit looks very blah and I look disheveled, undone, kind of bad. Truth be told, this looked a lot better in real life, and these photos are taken after a long day of taking care of the baby, being tired and spilled on. I did make an effort with my Red Lipstick and my Baby Blue Stud Earrings even match the little Baby Blue on the Scarf. I apologize about my runny mascara and tired face. I will try this Outfit again similarly but with one of my Darker Chambray Shirts. This one is more of a Woven Button-down. And, perhaps with another Scarf or a Statement Necklace. I am keeping it real though and posting it, perfect for Mix It Monday with Lauren (remixing my Navy Grandpa Cardigan). Also Danielle announced that her Trendy Tuesday tomorrow is Boots. I got not one but 2 pairs in this post. Speaking of these particular Black Boots, they are also a No Longer Neglected item (last worn in January 2012).
Navy Blue, Collared-Neck, Double-Breasted Cardigan: J.Crew.
Sky-Blue, Linen-Blend, Long-Sleeve, Button-Down Shirt: Springfield.
Olive Green, Ankle-Length, Cargo, Skinny Pants: Gap.
White, Ribbed Tank Top w/ Wide Lace part on the Front: Lycra (New).
Lavender, Baby Blue & Pink, Paisley Print Pashmina Scarf: A Street Boutique in Tirana.
Baby Blue, tiny Rose, Metallic Stud Earrings: Viggos.
Off-Black, Cozy, Leather Boots w/ Winter White Faux Fur Inside: Skechers.

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To all of you who commented on this past weekend's posts Thank You so much for all your concerns about me and Vivian. And also Thank you for the lovely compliments on our matching Hats+Scarves Outfits. Those are some of My Most Favorite Photos I have with my daughter, also. =) It will be a great week of Posts and  Fashion Challenges ahead so stay tuned. Thanks.