Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013 - the Best Year of my Life!!

Oh 2013 you are gone. You have been sooo good to My Husband Piro & I. You brought us Vivian and she is the Best Gift, the Sweetest Little Girl, the Most Beautiful Baby, the Loveliest Angel. You truly were the Best Year of My Life 2013!! Thank you 2013 for bringing her into our lives. She has filled our home and made our hearts more content and our souls full of joy. She has enriched us as people while making us her parents. Every smile she has gifted us has been like a little diamond. You proved to be Lucky 13. I know the best is yet to come as we see our gorgeous baby girl make her first steps in life (literally), grow into a toddler, start talking and understanding the world around her, call us Mommy & Daddy and continue to fill us with Unconditional Love, Unspoken Joy and Undeniable Happiness. We welcome 2014 with open arms starting with January when sweet Vivian turns the big O-N-E. Farewell 2013. The Furxhi and Dhima Families will never forget you. You have been so gracious to us. But we welcome 2014 with open hearts, through Vivian's laughter and her "Mamama's & Bababa's". Welcome 2014 and please don't go too fast. We don't want to miss a thing when it comes to Our Daughter Vivian. Welcome a New Year and may you be even Brighter, Better, Bolder and more Beautiful than the year we are leaving behind. May Vivian continue to bloom beautifully and may she be healthy & happy like she is. 

Happy New Year 2014 to All!! Thank you for stopping by this blog daily, weekly or whenever you can and supporting my little home in the world wide web. Sometime later today on January 1st I am continuing my collaboration with LAURA from Why I Do DeClaire and bring you another Winter Must Have and I promise they are two Chic Outfits, we have going on. =) Thanks again for reading and Happy 2014!