Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It is Vivian's First Christmas!!

I Hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas which was Bright with Open Hearts, Rich with Gifts, Satisfying with Delicious Food and surrounded by all your Loved Ones. It was Vivian's very First Christmas and in just 4 short weeks she will be the Big O-N-E. It is insane to think that a year has gone by since she has been part of our lives. Our Home and Our Hearts are richer, fuller and kinder because of her.

Just a few days before Christmas on December 22nd we had a little professional Holiday Shoot scheduled for Vivian, in honor of her first Holiday Season. We were supposed to have it a week sooner by another photographer who was very rude and canceled just 3 hours before the appointment. But everything happens for a reason. A friend of mine called one of her photographer friends who is really good. He squeezed us in last minute and even E-Mailed us these 10 Photos (I took a few with her too) less than 24 hours later. So, I am sharing these pictures with you because they are beautiful and I am so proud of my Gorgeous Baby Girl, who everyone says could really be a Baby Model!

So what do you think? Does she have a future as a Baby or a Child Model? LOL She is my Doll (modeling or not) and every day I am thankful to God for her. 

I also wanted to share a photo with Santa we took on Christmas Eve.

Vivian Visits Santa Klaus for the first time and for the most part she was fascinated by how he looked like and pulled on his beard. She behaved really well.

And last but not least, here a sneak peek of our first Christmas as a Family of three.

Vivian opening some of her gifts. She is hard at work as you can see and took this job seriously. Though she got tired quickly. It was such a fun pleasure to see her do this for the very first time. She was so curious and a little muffled and shocked because she didn't know where to look first.

Today for Christmas and during this Holiday Season I want to wish my own Daughter Vivian and all the babies that were born in 2013 a Merry First Christmas & a Happy First New Year! God Bless these little children and may they grow healthy, strong, smart & beautiful. They are the apples of their parents' eyes and the future of the universe!!

Season's Greetings Family and Friends from Ada, Piro & Vivian. (December 25th 2013. Tirana, Albania.)

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