Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday is for Vivian - Sweet November.

In an effort to update you about Vivian like I do it monthly, on Saturdays, I stayed up real late Saturday night uploading and editing photos until my eyes were closing off and it was after 1.00 o'clock when I went to bed. I mentioned yesterday how November has gone by so fast. I started the month in USA and ending it in Albania. I had a lot of packing and then unpacking to do. There were a ton of photos we took those last few days in the States with my Parents, my Brother & other relatives. And then again, since coming back we have taken a bunch of photos with Vivian. She grows up daily and her other grandparents, my sister-in-law & my husband (her dad) hadn't seen her in 4 months. To make things hard for me (working against time), all the photos were spread among three different cameras. So since I don't have the Monthly/Birthday Post ready for you guys yet, for the blog, I decided to show you some of Vivian's best photos from this month. I always update Facebook quicker with the photos, it is easier. Albeit the blog takes a lot longer time.

With Thanksgiving coming up and the year coming to a close soon, I cannot say enough how THANKFUL, BLESSED, JOYFUL & HAPPY Vivian has made us this year when she decided to join our family on January 19th 2013. =) She is a Beautiful Little Girl who shines from the inside, because truly (so far) her personality is Beautiful, too. She loves to coo, talk, cuddle, smile and laugh with everyone. If anyone is holding her and especially if they are smiling she never or very rarely cries (whether she knows you or not) and usually gives you back one of her precious smiles. So in an effort to post more about her, I am promising myself and those of you who read this blog that every Saturday till this year is over, I will be posting something about Vivian. After all my blog isn't just about my style (Elegance), but just as much about her (Mommyhood). Enjoy the photos below and please come back. Happy Sunday!!

I am starting things off with this photo. It is my favorite portrait of Vivian from this month. It was taken on November 2, just a couple of days before we left Michigan. That is Vivian to a Tee: Happy, Beautiful and full of Life!
These are the last Family Photos of Vivian & I with My Mom, My Dad & My Brother (the one with the darker hair - we look alike, actually). The other guy is my first cousin. These were taken on November 3rd.
This is our first official photo on November 5th, back in Albania after 4 months of traveling to visit my side of the family in USA. This was our Welcome Back Cake. This year Vivian has had a lot of cakes done in her honor, probably 16 so far.
Mommy & Vivi matching in Fuchsia, in front of our loft building in Tirana, Albania.
Last but not least, the first photo of the 3 of Us, after a long time. Vivian & Mommy are reunited with Daddy. This photo alongside the very first one in this post are already printed and framed. I did that on Friday.

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