Thursday, November 14, 2013

Layered in Boyfriend Jeans and a Statement Bag.

Blogspot was down yesterday, at least from Albania I couldn't access it. I don't know why. =( I tried several times throughout the day, from different browsers, from the phone, the lap-top & the tablet - with no success. That is why I wasn't able to post or read/comment on a lot of your blogs. Sorry about that. I would still like to hear your thoughts on yesterday's post, so after reading this, stop by and let me know what you think. Thank You. Also, I have another question/favor to ask. I have been told several time that I am a no-reply blogger (thank you to those of you who let me know). I thought I switched it up a few months ago, but apparently not. Please let me know how to do so. I would appreciate all of your help. Thanks so much.

Today's Look all started with my Boyfriend Jeans. See, I wanted to wear them again so I based the rest of the Outfit around them. I was told I look good in them when I wore them for the first time. I am not quite sold, meaning I am not very positive about how good they look on me, but so far I like the 3 Outfits I have created with them. This time I went for a Muted, Soft, Neutral Palette of Colors. My Cardigan is an Oatmeal Color with some Gold Metallic thread (I love it; it is from one of my Favorite Stores - White House Black Market).  The Tee has a boat-neck with some Crochet detail on the front, by the neckline and it is this soft Butter Color. The Jeans are slightly distressed between a Medium to a Dark Blue Wash. My Bright Red Lips, Burgundy/Maroon Necklace+Bracelet and in particular the Bright Burnt Orange Handbag are the Bright Accessories I chose to compliment these pieces.

Let me talk for a minute about my Awesome Statement Bag. About a decade or so ago when a lot of the K-Mart stores were closing, I went to see if I could find anything. I ended up buying this bag, lots of makeup, and some more Beauty products. Since I own a lot of Handbags, I had completely forgotten about it. I am glad I brought it out again. It is the most Beautiful Bag that packs a huge statement. It is shaped like a Bowling Bag, in this Rich Fall Burgundy shade, like a Faux Alligator skin. All the Hardware detail is Gold Metallic which is very trendy now. The Bag looks very Expensive and like an Expensive/Fancy Designer made it. Today I gave away "its secret" - it is from K-Mart and costed me about 10-12 bucks if I remember correctly. Since this Bag is quite Bright, I am going to link with Erin (and Laura) since their Trend Spin this week was Brights. This Purse is definitely Bright. It is a Beautiful Statement Bag and I am glad to own it. Do you like it? Also my little Peep-toe Stilettos make their own Statement since they are a Tweed (made of Wool) pattern with little Faux Leather Black Flowers, on them. I have had them for over a decade also. Tweed is a great pattern for the cold months so off I wear them. What do you think of this Outfit in general? 

I like these Jeans, better on myself from the side. What do you think?
Butter-Yellow, Boat-neck, Girly Tee w/ Crochet Neckline: The Limited.
Oatmeal-Gold, Flyaway Cardigan w/ Long Collar: White House Black Market.
Dark Blue, Boyfriend Jeans (rolled up): Express.
Burgundy, Red & Silver, Sparkly, Beaded Necklace & Bracelet Set: White House Black Market.
Red-Magenta, Bright Lipstick: Revlon.
Bright, Burnt Orange, Faux Alligator, Bowling Style, Handbag: K-Mart (very old).
Black+Gray, Tweed Canvas, Peep-toe Heels w/ Black Pleather Flowers: Mervyn's California (very old).