Friday, October 25, 2013

Guest Post: Laura of I Do DeClaire - on Mommyhood.

Hi Guys. Today I am bringing you the first Guest Post of a mini series of Guest Posts that I will be hosting here on my blog, on and off for the next couple of weeks (while I leave USA and fly back to Europe). As you all understand I will be very busy with lots of packing, last-minute shopping, getting ready, spending as much quality time as I can, with my family members in the States and meeting everyone before I leave. And then the first few days back to Tirana, I will be exhausted from all the jet-legging and also have to catch up with my husband and family there so some sleep & relaxation is needed. I won't be much around here or able to read your blogs, for the next couple of weeks so thank you to everyone who will stop by for following, reading along and not abandoning my blog.

So, I asked some of my most favorite bloggers whom I read weekly if not daily to sub for me.
Today we have LAURA from "I Do DeClaire" starting things off for us. I invited her over to write two posts since she is a new mom just like me. This first post is focusing on her role as a Mom. Laura is a great lady who looks stylish without trying hard or spending too much, and just like me her Daughter Claire is the apple of her eye. =) Then, stay tuned next week and read up on her Style. I hope you will enjoy this post and all the baby cuteness as much as I do. Claire is Beautiful. Vivian has some competition LOL. Once again, thanks so much Laura.


Hi everyone! I am Laura and I blog over at I do deClaire. I am so excited to be guest posting  for Ada while she is packing up and flying to Europe! My blog is primarily about outfit posts, recipes, and occasional stories about my family. I married my high school sweetheart over seven years ago and our beautiful daughter Claire is 10 months old. I work as a speech therapist in an elementary school. In my free time I love to bake and cook, read, attempt craft projects, and run. My recipes are quick and easy because, really, who has the time?! My outfits are primarily casual to slightly dressy since my work environment is fairly laid back.

Ada asked me to do two blog posts, this one focusing on my daughter. Um, you want me to talk about Claire?! I couldn't say, "Yes!" fast enough! As a mother, she is my focus and what I love talking about most. Even though I am a fashion blogger, I don't dress Claire up too much or try too hard to put together outfits for her. We were lucky in that we got lots of clothing as gifts at baby showers. Oh, and I married well. You see, my mother-in-law is extremely talented and recently retired. So Claire has a very nicely stocked closet with handmade cardigans and embroided bibs and onesies. She even has some of her daddy's and my old clothes! Now she is getting bigger, I finally get to buy her clothes (because she is already in 18 month sizes!). We shop a lot at the outlet mall near us, particularly the Carter's store, and at a very nice children's resale clothing store. I've gotten quite a few good deals including 5 items of clothing for only $1 each! One of those was a brand new pair of tennis shoes. I have also made embellished onesies and headbands with fabric flowers for Claire before she was born. Heaven knows I don't have that kind of time now! 

I love spending time with her after work and on weekends. Claire is getting to the age where she enjoys playing peek-a-boo and patty cake. We are working on teaching her to wave hello and goodbye and 'so big.' She likes to go on walks although she prefers to be in the baby carrier instead of her stroller. She likes to be read and sung to as well. Mostly we just play together, I run after her when she crawls all over, and I have all kinds of antics and funny faces I do to get her to smile and laugh because I don't think mommies can get enough of their children's smiles and laughter. Something fun we've been doing since Claire was born is taking monthly pictures of her in front a chalkboard with her current likes and dislikes. I think these will be fun pictures to look back at when she is older and see how she has changed!

Given that the dress code at work is fairly casual, I typically wear similar things whether I am spending the day at home or going to work. Here are some of my outfits I've worn spending the day with Claire in the past few months. Typically a top, colored jeans, and flats is my go to outfit.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to stop by I do deClaire if you'd like to see more of my style! Thanks for letting me guest post Ada!


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