Sunday, October 6, 2013

The 6 Remix: Chic, Simple, Easy, Early Fall Outfits.

Hello Everyone. Did you have a Good Weekend? I hope so. Every month on the 6th I am going to remix my closet, according to the season that month falls on. I will either choose 6 articles of clothing (excluding Shoes or Accessories) that I will wear together into 6 outfits, or chose 1 item & remix it into 6 different outfits. You are more than Welcome to join me. This is how my first 6 Remix panned out. This is the second month I am doing the 6 Remix. However this week I remixed 6 items of clothing + one pair of shoes and was able to make 7 Outfits out of them. I really tried to link this with Natalia's 7×7 Remix Challenge, but I was a day too late. Oh well. Hopefully I can join next time.

The 6 Remix: Chic, Simple, Easy, Early Fall Outfits.
(To make the collage bigger, just click on the picture, to see each outfit side by side)
This month I took advantage of the still-warm temperatures we are having for early October, yet made these Outfits look Fall-appropriate. The "trick" for this month's 6 remix was to keep the colors basic & neutral so I chose pieces in Black, White & Earthy, Neutral Colors like Beige & Olive. For the tops I chose a White Button-down, a Black Cap-Sleeve Sweater with Embellishment - all the current rage - and a Long-Sleeve Statement Sweater - one of my newest Sweaters from Old Navy, similar to the Owl Sweater. I chose my Nude Patent Leather Pumps to wear with these Outfits. These Pumps seriously go with everything.

Let's see what I created with these 6(+1) pieces. I wore the Black Skinny Pants/Leggings three times, the Skirt twice, the Shorts twice, the Bird Sweater twice, the Black Sweater three times & the White Button-down five times. No wonder the White Button-down Shirt was remixed 7 different ways. I have shown you before how VERSATILE a White Button-down would be. I have several in my closet. With a variety of different Accessories and changing my Jewelry, I definitely made each Outfit feel new and like I didn't repeat the clothes. With these types of challenges, jewelry and accessories like Belts & Scarves are truly important. I made 7 Outfits with these 6 pieces. But I could have easily made 10 Outfits altogether. I could have worn each clothing item at least once more. My other 3 Outfits I could have remixed would have been: Black Leggings with Bird Sweater (adding my Teal Bubble Necklace), Skirt with White Shirt tucked in (adding my White, Bold Flower, Statement Necklace) and Shorts with Black Sweater (adding a Tall, Skinny, Sequined Scarf).
Below is a sneak-peek of each item in detail. And then you will get to see each outfit in detail. =)
Beige Cream, "Bird" Statement Sweater: Old Navy (New).
Black, Cap-Sleeve Sweater w/ Sequined Shoulders: Worthington (JC Penney's).
White, Short-Sleeve, Poplin, Button-Down Shirt: The Limited.
Nude, Round-Toe, Patent Leather Pumps: Apartment 9 (Kohl's).
Black Ponte & Faux Leather Leggings: Forever 21 (New).
Black+Beige, Ethnic-Print, Circle Skirt w/ Embroided Silver Sequins: Anthropologie.
Olive Green, Cotton, Bermuda Shorts: Arizona Jeans (JC Penney's).
Belts & Scarf:
Burgundy, Patent Leather, Faux Ostrich, Skinny Belt: White House Black Market.
Black, Patent Leather, Skinny Belt: Comes with the Black Sweater from this challenge.
Black Leather Belt w/ Silver Square, Logo Buckle: New York & Company (NY & Co.)
Black+White, Chenile, Houndstooth, Frayed Scarf: Payless.

Necklaces and Earrings:
Ombre Blue & Purple, Glass-looking Necklace w/ Oval Beads + Matching Drop Earrings w/ Oval Beads: Avon.
Black Metallic, 3-Strand, Circle-Link Necklace + Matching Circle-Link, Dangly Earrings: White House Black Market.
Silver, Dainty Chain Necklace w/ Large, Beige-Metallic Circle Charm: The Limited (not pictured above).
Silver, 3-Circle, Long Dangly Earrings w/ Hot Pink, Crystal Drop: Express.
Silver, Long Dangly Earrings w/ Circle Mint Stones: Forever 21.
*Lots of Circle Patterns worn when it comes to Jewelry. I just noticed that. It wasn't on purpose.*

Silver, Gray & Nude, Beaded, Bobble Bracelet w/ Charms (left hand): White House Black Market.
Olive Green & Gray, Ombre, Metallic Bracelet: The Limited.
Neon Turquoise Plastic Bangle Bracelets: Ruum (New).

(not pictured above by part of the Outfits, are these Rings):
Real Gold & Diamond Wedding Band & Engagement Ring: from My Husband.
Silver Ring w/ Circle, Green Opal Stone (right hand): A Local Jewelry Store (New & Gifted).
Silver Ring w/ Circle, Real Turquoise StoneExpress.

1. Black Leggings, Black Sweater & White Button-down.
This is just a simple case of Black+White - the most Classic Color Combination there is. I like the White Shirt layered under the Sweater because you can also see the Sleeves of the Shirt. Some Long, Girly, Circle Silver Earrings add a Girly, Sexy factor. The Silver Bobble Bracelet picks up the Silver from the Earrings and makes this more Fun. This Outfit can go from a Work environment to Date night, easily.

2. Olive Shorts, Bird Sweater & White Button-down.
My New Bird Sweater makes a debut on this challenge, first being paired with these Shorts. Here I am mixing True Fall Colors like Olive Green, Cream & Beige with hints of Aqua & Turquoise. The White Button-down underneath makes this Outfit a little more Chic & Preppy. The Neon Turquoise Bracelet & the Mint Earrings pick up the colors of the Bird on the Sweater. This Outfit is perfect for a Chic Mom: Casual yet Elegant all at once.

3. Circle Skirt & Black Sweater.
In this Outfit I paired the Ethnic-print Skirt with the Black Sweater which is embellished on the shoulders. I am playing with double Sequins since there are Black Sequins on the Sweater's shoulders & Silver Sequins through the patterns of the Skirt. More Metallic here through the Black-link Necklace & Matching Earrings. I added another pop of Fall Color (besides the Beige of the Skirt) by belting in a Burgundy Belt, instead of the Black Belt that comes with the Sweater. This Outfit is a little Retro & 100% Feminine + Pretty!

4. Black Leggings & White Button-down (with a Scarf).
Here is another Black+White Outfit. These new Skinny Pants/Leggings are proving to be so Versatile, already. Plus they are Pretty, Cool, Modern and On-Trend with the Leather part. I am showing the White Shirt with a Scarf over it in a super Classic Pattern - Houndstooth. In my book an Outfit with a Black Bottom and a White Top is always Stylish, Fresh, Crisp, Classic and Modern.

5. Circle Skirt & Bird Sweater.
I like how the prints from each of these pieces play-off each other. That Bird would make any clothing item that it is paired with - Happy. I layered a couple of Bangle Bracelets here and once again brought out the Teals, Mints & Blues of the Sweater by wearing a Turquoise Bracelet, a Turquoise Ring & Blue-Purple, Glass-looking Stone Earrings. While the Beige, Circle-Charm Necklace matches the Colors from the Skirt & the main Color of the Sweater.

6. Olive Shorts & White Button Down.
These Shorts are made to look Preppy by dressing them up with the Poplin, Collared Shirt, the Statement Oval, Glass-Stone Necklace + Matching Earrings. The Belt is definitely necessary for tucking in a button-down Shirt inside belt loops, like here.

7. Black Leggings & Black Sweater.
This Black-on-Black Look is probably My Most Favorite. It is Sleek, Sexy, Slimming - all 3 Great 'S' factors for a Whole-Black Outfit. I feel so Elegant & Powerful in all Black with some touches of Metallic: the Simplest Necklace & 2 layered Bracelets - the Ombre Gray/Green, Metallic Bangle & the Beaded Bobble Bracelet.

So, which are your 2-3 Favorite Outfits here and why?

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